Anyone else feel another let down coming?

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  • No in fact I do not. This is a big differance SF we know already is good we didn't know the Rams were good.We should be ready it's not a long trip down the coastline.
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  • GoldenIsThyTate wrote:
    Sarlacc83 wrote:Why won't we? We've seen the Wilson is capable of handling a pass heavy game plan, and we still have Marshawn Lynch.

    thats just my opinion based on what ive seen from RW and the O this year. I do think Lynch needs to have a big game or else its just gonna be a lot of what we saw in the NE game (besides 4Q) and the GB game (besides GT)

    long as the score is 10 to 9 hawks, i'm cool with that....
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  • This team seems to have too much of an atitude wave going to let down against our biggest competition this week. I think Arizona and STL will ultimately self destruct and I like where the Hawk's heads are at the moment. They are a fiesty bunch.
    Even with the short week, I think now is the time to see just who is who in the division. Wish we were home, but that date will also arrive. I also wish SF would have played better yesterday but all good, let's get them at their best. 20-17 Seattle.
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  • Their could be a let down, but man I hope their isn't as this is a HUGE game for our Hawks. Heck I would say that it is more important than our win versus the Pats.
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  • People saying "if we lose this one, we aren't real contenders" need to get a grip. Every team in the league, including the eventual Super Bowl champion this year (assuming it isn't the 49ers, which I hope it isn't), would have a very difficult game on their hands at SF. I don't think there's a team in the league that could win more than six games if they played at SF 10 times. It's a huge game, and it would be a massive win, but it's hardly some crazy death blow if we lose, nor is it any statement on our team's ability to contend. You will find very few Super Bowl champions during the past decade that didn't take losses during the regular season in games like this one.

    I see the game in a much more positive light; as something of a positive freeroll. If we win, then we take the lead over the Niners with a head-to-head win over them and the rest of our division games are home games. If we lose, then that sucks but it's not a hole we couldn't crawl out of.
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  • Winning against NE was a great confidence builder for a young team . I don't care I want a pissed niners team . I want to beat them straight up mad as hell so there will be no doubt we are for real .The stage is set for the whole county to see a real smash mouth football game . And we are primed for a big game . And ready to serve the niners a crashing season tail spinning defeat!

    No let down for these hawks . Not this Thursday anyway.
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