58 passing attempts, and 0 holding flags?

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  • 12th_Bob wrote:The passes came out quick for the most part, he had to throw earlier as the game went on. A lot of passes ended up in front of the WR or at his feet. Veteran QB, with great timing is an O-lines best friend.

    You can tell without a doubt that Tommy boy had watched game film on the fast attack that The Seahawks 'D' laid on the Cowboys, Packers and Panthers Quarterbacks with damned good success, and when it came up his turn to face these guys, he found out that you can't prepare enough to neutralize these guys for a whole game.
    He thought that the Seahawks would implode in the 4th quarter as they hadn't shown that they had the skills ,maturity and balls to finish a game winning comeback, and that was as much Belichek's undoing in this game as well as the Great and mighty Patriots.
    There was holding by the Patsies O-line, but the Refs. let the players play the game.
    At least the Refs kept it pretty evenly officiated so as to not blatantly show bias for the most part, Patriots didn't just lose this game, they were beaten FAIRLY.
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  • EastCoastHawksFan wrote:Im more impressed with 58 passes and NO DEFENSIVE penalties (p.i , holding , illegal contact ,etc..)

    WOW thats just unreal!
    and we should have had 5 pic's instead of 2.
    "Tracy Porter lost his manhood when Marshawn stiff armed him" some dude on youtube.
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