Perfect Thursday Storm

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Perfect Thursday Storm
Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:28 am
  • First off, what an amazing win yesterday. This team has a special characteristic that has could only be described as gumption. Truly remarkable. It is something I have never seen from the hawks.

    Secondly, I couldn't sleep last night, and really started evaluting the 49ers game this thursday. Not schematically, or looking at match-ups, but looking at the psyche of the teams coming into the game.

    IMO, from personally experience there are three types of losses.

    1. Positive impact loss. This occurs when bad teams hang with good teams, and barely lose, or when good teams let one slip to bad teams. Good teams, re-evalute re-focus, and usually come out the next week like a house on fire.

    2. Neutral impact loss. This occurs when teams lose to teams that are slightly better, or are playing at home. etc. or games that are given away on one or two careless mistakes. Loss, causes no serious re-evaluation.

    3. Negative impact loss. This occurs when a team thinks they are vastly superior to a team and get selacked, many times at home. Causes teams to re-evaluation and question how good they really are.

    That is where I think the 49ers are. Many times a loss is benefitical for teams, I don't believe that is the case with this loss. The 9ers really wanted this game, and where punished for 4 quarters. The 49ers, will be wounded for the Thursday game, but IMO not the wounded where I am going to go crazy and blow you out, but the wounded where we might doubt ourselves.

    On the opposite side, the seahawks won a game against a good team, when they didn'y play there best game.
    -2 turnovers
    -gave up 400 yards passing
    - only registered 1 sack
    - suffered their worst game tackling.

    They will come in the thursday game confident and feeling good for themselves. 49ers won't
    On the short week, it we be hard to forget the Sunday for both teams. I still think that this will be a heck of a game, it will be phyiscal.

    I am not saying that the Seahawks will win, but I don't think we could have asked for a better situation for this game.
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Re: Perfect Thursday Storm
Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:33 am
  • My theory on that is it maybe matters for the first couple of possessions of the game, and after that it's all about what's in front of them at the moment. So if there's early action yeah, it can have a real impact, but oftentimes teams will start a game out playing conservative football if the coaches are concerned that the team is not fully engaged with what's right in front of them.

    My 0.02.
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Re: Perfect Thursday Storm
Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:37 am
  • I like your post, but my thought on the matter is simple:

    Division rivalry game between two teams that want to tear each others' hearts out and then devour the pumping remains while their opponent bleeds to death. Everything before goes out the window.
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Re: Perfect Thursday Storm
Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:51 am
  • My thoughts:

    Being a short week, SF has things to FIX and that alone may disrupt their prep for the short turn around week.

    The Giants just handed us the game plan for this week. On a short week, this will be HUGE. We have the team to be able to execute that game plan.

    We are beginning to hit our stride...we used to be a run first to setup the pass and now I think we are starting to see the pass first to setup the run mentality (my feeling anyway...) SF has to account for this... Pass to get the lead, run to burn the clock and protect the ball.

    Eli and Wilson have the same mindset; the game is the same each week: the ball is the same shape and size, you throw it, you run it. You block out the noise around you. I don't think Alex Smith can do that and now has this cloud hovering over him. Make him feel uncomfortable early!!
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Re: Perfect Thursday Storm
Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:15 am
  • Yeah, I agree with a few points, I do think that the 49ers loss was probably severe enough to result in some questions and reactions on their part (as opposed to just "eh, it's football, we'll get 'em next time" and moving on). I also absolutely agree that getting fresh tape from the Giants on how to beat the 49ers is super super helpful on the short week. Finally, I heard Joe Staley was hurt and probably will not play Thursday, in this league, losing a left tackle is a big problem, especially when you have no depth at that position. Loook at the musical chairs! ... dwell.html

    The short week, however, means the 49ers are unlikely to play with left tackle Joe Staley, who suffered a concussion in the third quarter.

    With Staley out, right guard Alex Boone moved to left tackle, and Leonard Davis took Boone's spot at guard.

    Staley also suffered a concussion last year in a Dec. 11 loss to Arizona. Coach Jim Harbaugh had no projection for Staley's return, saying, "That's all in the hands of the doctors."
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Re: Perfect Thursday Storm
Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:22 am
  • I was going to post essentially this same thing. Alex Smith is definitely having some doubts about this game, and we should be able to take advantage of that.

    Plus, we just beat what is likely the best offensive team in the NFL, we had two picks, and we probably should have had 2-3 more.

    And, when we drafted Bruce Irvin someone on this board said "Alex Smith just pooped his pants." I think that statement may turn out to be really accurate....

    I will be surprised if we lose this game. It will be an extremely physical game though, and our guys need to quit celebrating and get ready to play.
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