The flaw in Belichicks game plan

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Re: The flaw in Belichicks game plan
Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:29 am
  • PatsFanNH wrote:Umm let me state this, the INT in the end zone was the BONE HEAD OF ALL BONEHEAD play calls 3rd and 1 from the 5... your run it especially since you just ran it twice to get the third and one...

    Another reason you one... ARRINGTON couldnt cover a cold and you got 2 TD off of his terrible coverage... (Although got Denard in and overall he played well so a plus for the Pats future.)

    Also what WON the game for you was the 12th man, that is what caused the inability to audible out.. If Brady could Audible your D gets smoked.. the TWELTH man should take a bow.

    That is funny because Seattle lives for teams to try to pound it in there on 3rd and short or goal. Just ask Carolina with 4 downs to get in the end zone with a good running game one of the best qb's suited for this kinda play, how well did they fair?
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