turn overs , no prob

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turn overs , no prob
Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:07 pm
  • it occured to me, and i saw no threads of this... we just played the best offense in the league, turned the ball over to them 3 times and still won the game... 1. ryan couldn't get the punt off, turn over on downs mid field. 2. zach miller fumble, stalled a great drive, turnover midfield 3. wilson's arm hit, fumble can't remember where, seems like close to mid field...

    that goes to show how impressive this team is... last year, these turnovers ,we're done, there was no coming back.. plus you add those turnovers to the missed interception opportunities, this game may have very well not even been close in the end.. but that's neither here nor there, what happend , happend, we got the win .... gotta protect the ball better, and we got to capitolize on turnover opportunities.. still can't believe thomas dropped two pic's and one last week... damn dude, stickum or something... go play catch in the back yard with you kid , do something to get those hands right, please!!
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Re: turn overs , no prob
Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:06 pm
  • I thought we would have to play perfect with no turnovers to win this game, and I started having thoughts about us losing once we turned the ball over the first time.

    It is amazing that this team fought back through the 3 turnovers.
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