At Long Last, 12th Fan View: Packers vs. Seahawks

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  • Sorry it took so long to get these videos up for you all. I had a family vacation planned immediately after the game, and didn't get around to editing these and getting them to the Seahawks and online until today.

    But here we go, a link to the Week 3 installment of 12th Fan View, Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks.

    Enjoy! ... 811217073a
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  • Excellent. Thank you. Keep up the great work as always.
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  • Thanks man! How was Austin?
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  • El Paso, but it was nice and warm. Entire family there for my mom's 80th birthday. Very nice. Ate lots of Mexican food. Chico's Tacos! w000t!
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  • Well done. And shame on those who left early. Never give up.
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  • * * THANK YOU CHUCK * *

    I can speak for the many who enjoy seeing your "view" of each game day.
    (wishing we were right THERE with you !!)

    BTW, did make reference to your family vacation (Mom's 80th) at the end of the Pokes video....
    Hope all went well !! We'll be waiting for this video to come along soon.
    So we all knew to wait patiently for the "Packer fest" no explaination is necessary.
    just.....keep 'em coming !!! :snack:

    Jump Around, Jump Around !!!
    Thanks again,
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    GO HAWKS !!
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  • Wow Chuck, I am very happy that you get to continue this tradition in making great videos and it is official now! Thanks again for all your hard work as a 12th Man!

    Cheers :thirishdrinkers: SEA HAWKS!
    I'm Jimmy!
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  • Love these, great job!
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  • Was nice to watch that again. Thanks.
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  • These are pretty awsome, good job man. I'm definitely inspired to start saving cash so I can go to game finally.
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  • Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I'm glad y'all enjoy them! :)
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  • Psychobabbler wrote:Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I'm glad y'all enjoy them! :)

    Indeed we did Chuck, fully expect to see another vid of you smiling and high fiving in a week or 2. :mrgreen: :th2thumbs:
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  • Your contribution Chuck, helps make this place "home" to all serious Seahawk fans.
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  • Outstanding. Always prefer to see your editions of games i have attended over the televised broadcasts. It's like going to the game again.
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