No huddle will not be as effective versus Seahawks?

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  • Here's a link to Belichick's presser

    One the most important pieces of information I took from the interview, is that Belichick admitted that the no huddle may not be as effective against our defensive scheme. He mentioned we don't come with a whole lot of exotic rushes or schemes. We run a very basic scheme and philosophy very very well. This is noteworthy because once they start their tempo, no huddle offense, if you have so many different rush schemes and zone play calls- it's difficult to change it up and keep everyone on the same page.

    Here's another interesting tweet from Liz Mathews that is along the same lines:

    DC Gus Bradley said most of NE's explosive plays happen when guys aren’t lined up right and the goal is to simulate in practice...We need to strive to be first aligned, ready to go and not allow NE's tempo to "dictate if we’re going to become frustrated."

    This is a much easier concept than it would be versus the Cardinals, Jets, Cowboys, and Steelers of the world who run exotic 3-4 blitz schemes with zone coverage.
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  • Good to know. I'll be watching for this come game time.
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  • Very good insight, thanks.

    I was wondering if maybe we wouldn't just go big nickel and stay that way, but I suppose with our secondary being so versatile and our LB's being so athletic, we're probably pretty safe I'm our base alignment. Our D is looking so much like the old Tampa defense of the early 90's and I LOVE it! :D Get wicked pressure from the front 4 only and everyone else drops into coverage. Just awesome.
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  • All that means is that Belichick ACTUALLY thinks the no-huddle will work well, and plans to use it. And why wouldn't he? The Seahawks use a lot of rotation to keep guys fresh, and a few teams have already proven you can slow down our defense by keeping everyone on the field and wearing them down. The only success any team has had against the Seahawks defense is by running no-huddle.

    BB would have to be stupid not to see that and gameplan for it. And we all know that's not the case. Belichick is a master game planner, and I expect we see LOTS of no-huddle hurry-up offense with 4-5 WRs/TEs in on every down, plenty of dink and dunk, and runs mixed in there pretty liberally.
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  • The toughest thing for our guys will be simply the d-line rotation. Most specifically, the Red Bryant/Bruce Irvin shuffle. It's such a huge strength for us to have Red in on likely run plays and Irvin on likely pass plays. We'll likely be caught on the wrong end of that more than usual this week and I hope it doesn't take a toll...
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  • No huddle meant to do 2 thing IMO:

    1. Stop substititions --against the Hawks this will not matter much you stick with your base D mostly..

    2. catch players out of positionw the quick snap --- I don't know if this would work or not but I can see them trying it a few times IF Brady sees a few guys who looked out of position..

    BUT I am expecting few huddles they will line up almost all the time in the no huddle to try catch the D off guard, but also to gas the D... (IMO lot harder when it is constant one after the other..)

    Will it work? no one knows till the game is over
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  • I think the Hoodie is smart enough to know he can't run it all the time. And as Bradley said, it will be up to Seattle to get lined up fast and forget the sack dances and all that will be tempting when seeing Brady on his keyster.
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  • I would think the crowd noise will slow the “no huddle” some…

    It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a QB have to run out to his tackles to get a play called…
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  • yea, most of Seattle D is just giving different looks then PERFORMING after the snap, you definitely have to beat Seattle's D just like you do Az and the Rams...

    I think they should play some Redbone at the stadium when the D is getting their groove on and smashing opponents..

    "Come and Get You're Love"

    only fitting considering Seattle is steeped in Native American heritage
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  • No huddle means nothing if you can't get first downs. Which means SEattle's 3rd down defense is most critical to this game. If they keep NE under 30% conversion on 3rd down the No Huddle will be a moot point.
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  • Trufant is a very important defensive player this week, as he will be the one that has to cover Welker in the slot. My guess is Bradley is going to have Earl Thomas come down and help with this task to try and take Welker out of the game as much as possible.

    The Pat's offense succeeds because Welker > most teams nickel cover man. If we can shift help over, then we'll be successful on D.
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