TNF just called the #1 defense a bunch of pretenders

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  • Hasselbeck wrote:
    Largent80 wrote:You are out of your gourd. Year 3 of a complete rebuild is certainly not pretending. Offenses take longer to get good as opposed to defenses, unless you have a 13 year veteran future hall of fame QB in place.

    Our offense is definitely getting better by the week. Pretty easy to see it.

    Greatly disagree. Maybe in the past, not anymore. The rules are so catered to the offense now that it's typically easier to improve on that side than the defensive side.

    My turn to greatly disagree with you. Whether or not the rules cater to the offense, offenses are often based on all 11 guys working together seamlessly, developing chemistry, timing, etc. Those things take time to develop. That's why you regularly see teams do well when their O-line starts 16 games together without losing players to injury. That unit works best when it has time to gel. Same goes for QBs and receivers.

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  • They wouldn't know what a good D looked like if it bitch slapped their mommas.

    These guys are just guessing and don't follow the team (east coast bias). How can the best secondary in the league and a solid front four pretend?
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  • That Ravens D when they won the Super Bowl was awesome. I'd put the Tampa Bay D that won the Superbowl with Trent Dild--er, Dilfer, at quarterback, right there with them as every bit as elite. Both D's basically manhandled every offense they faced in the playoffs and carried the day in the Super Bowl. I recall Tampa Bay basically shutting down Kurt Warner as well in an NFC Championship game but losing because their offense couldn't score, and Warner managed a late TD to win and put the Rams in the Super Bowl, with the TD to an ex-Seahawk no less.
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  • Dilfer won his SB ring with the Ravens. ;)
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