How do teams adjust their gameplan for wet field conditions?

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  • We've seen a few unfortunate slips in various games throughout the season. How do NFL teams prep for what may be a sloshy, wet mess coming up on Sunday? Is it just by running the ball more and throwing fewer passes that depend on timing?
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  • If it's really heavy rain then yes, we would run it more likely than not. I know the Seahawks in the past have dunked the footballs in water to help with passing in those conditions.
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  • The FieldTurf we use doesn't get "sloppy wet." It gets wet, and it probably gets a little bit slick, but there will be no mud.

    Advantage offense anyway, they know where they're going and when they'll make their cuts. The DBs need to react and are more likely to slip.

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  • You will see the officials switch out the balls almost every play if its raining a lot. They usually rotate about 3 balls, keep a towel on them until they set it down on the field ready for the next play.

    Other than that hey! its a mans game played in the fall and winter. NE won't have any problem with rain or snow,they are further north than we are and play in the stuff all the time.

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  • Thanks for the education folks. Not sure I like the idea of offenses getting an extra advantage, though - yikes.
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  • Just for geographical information Portland Maine is south of Seattle, in Fact Portland Maine is south of Portland OR. Just to help everyone out.
    PS. Thank you coastal mountains and Puget Sound for the Temporate Climate.
    PSS Eugene OR is North of Portland Maine. weird huh?
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  • Unless there's an absolute down pour I think it has zero effect on the game. Wind is much worse then rain, imo. Although a nice wind storm would benefit the Seahawks as it would turn it into a running battle.
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