Golden Tate interview on NFL Network Thursday 2pm EST

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  • HawkFan72 wrote:
    Chrome_Seahawk wrote:I don't think the Scott Kacsmar article was linked in here yet either:

    Kacsmar is by no means a Seahawks fan.

    The funniest thing about this is that if you really zoom in and watch all of the hands - it is apparent that Jennings would have wiffed on the ball competely if Tate hadn't caught it/stopped it with his Left Hand - look at the stills and then watch the video live - Jennings doesn't even have his hands facing the ball - he only was able to trap the ball with his wrists and then wrap his fingers around it because Tate had already caught/stopped it - I challenge ANY of you to have someone loft you a ball - even 10 feet in the air and catch a ball by trapping it between your wrists - you just can't do it.....the reaction time is too short.

    Wow, hadn't seen that article yet. That's a good one.

    If it wasn't already posted I was going to. Best frame by frame break down I've seen of it, and I've seen just about all of them.

    Also, when on the ground, MD Jennings is unable to pry the ball away from Tate's one hand with both of his hands and leverage. Tate had a grip and a half on that ball. I'd challenge anyone to lay on the ground, grip a football and have their kid (10+ yrs old) try to pull it from their hand in the same way Jennings tries to pry the ball away from Tate, I bet your kid wins.
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