Couple coaches tape observations

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Couple coaches tape observations
Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:07 am
  • - After watching the Rams game it was apparent our passing game is much better off play action. We ran a ton of it against Carolina and Wilson was fantastic. The concern with play action is that the QB has his back turned to the LOS until the RB has cleared and often younger QBs have a hard time processing the information with less time. Carolina bit again and again and Wilson looked very good.

    - We have protection issues in shotgun. Play action does wonders for pass protection, but when we line up in an empty backfield or single back shotgun the pass rush almost always affects Wilson.

    - Golden Tate is an underrated blocker.

    - I really liked what I saw from Carpenter again although he did get beat by Kuechley on a delayed blitz and once on a stunt. When he knocks the rust off we are going to be salty on the left side.

    - I thought Wilson's first four games were holding us back, but other than a couple poor throws he took what Carolina gave him. He made 6-7 completions in this game that he wouldn't even attempt against St Louis.
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Re: Couple coaches tape observations
Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:17 am
  • endzorn wrote:Golden Tate is an underrated blocker

    Sean Lee has known that since Week 2
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