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  • Haven't seen a thread about this yet, but how much better was the play calling yesterday compared to the prior 4 games? I was very happy. I think I only thought there were one or two strange calls, and the majority of the time I was damn happy with the calls.

    Anyway, my point is that I think we were all beating up on Bevell a bit much earlier this season, and while I'm sure PC had his reasons for handcuffing the playcalling, I am really glad that they are lightening up a bit. Here is to an even better game against the Patriots!!! :0190l:
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  • I agree that the playcalling was much better on Sunday, though I'd be really curious to hear the behind the scenes comments from last week. One wonders if Carroll chewed out Bevell after the Rams game.
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  • Yea didn't see too many WTF calls during this game - even the planned safety was a good call. And we finally called/executed a slant on that TD to Tate!

    I'd like to see some more crossing patterns. Need to work on screens too. Those WR screens have been bad. Overall in 3rd and 1-2 situations, should just pound the ball between Okung Carp or Unger. But someone loves those empty sets on 3rd down..
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  • I think the only calls I was real surprised with was the use of Robinson on on 3rd down. As I recall, we got the first downs on those plays, but barely.
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  • Here's my best:

    Thanks for not calling the game like a total jackass.

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  • The play calling was better, but that's not saying much considering it's been atrocious.

    We're still the worst team in the NFL when it comes to the Red Zone. Is it play calling? Is it Wilson not wanting to make a mistake? I think it's a mix of both. Either way that has to be better going forward. We can't continue to settle for field goals.
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  • I also agree I was VERY please with the playcalling. I loved the mix of run and pass. We moved the ball well, our 2 main issues on offense is 1) Penalties. 2) Redzone offense. I was very happy to see us retify the 3rd down conversion % on offense. IIRC we converted 50% on 3rd down. Whereas the Panthers we 2-11, which is 18% So on both fronts this was a MAJOR victory on 3rd down.

    Now we just need to execute better inside the redzone and I think all the critisizm will disappear. I was very encouraged as with the offensive production. The pick 6 sucked, and the unfortunate 2nd pick was bad. But he completed 70+% of his passes. I think the offense is on the cusp of turning the corner, this assuming we can clean up the untimely penalties.
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  • Play calling and execution go hand in hand. If a play is called and not executed properly, it looks like a bad play called. Likewise, a play called and executed correctly is viewed as a good play. Yes, there was a lot of improvement in play calling and execution in yesterday's game. However, more improvement is needed. The redzone play calls and execution is pathetic.
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  • It is amazing how play calling looks after the team converts a few 3rd downs. As hawkfan said, play calling and execution go hand in hand.
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  • I agree with hawkfan68. Wilson found a lot of opportunities yesterday, but the question is, how many of those opportunities have been there the whole time and Wilson just hasn't had permission to attempt them?
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  • He's still a douche.
    It was a catch.
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  • Sarlacc83 wrote:I agree that the playcalling was much better on Sunday, though I'd be really curious to hear the behind the scenes comments from last week. One wonders if Carroll chewed out Bevell after the Rams game.

    FWIW PC backed the 3rd and 2 QB sneak against the Rams, which I thought was a particularly heinous call. He's unorthodox, ya gotta concede that.
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  • I have great respect for the defensive mind of Pete. I'll leave it at that.

    IF you only look at our team, it's easy to feel progress is being made on the O-side of the ball. I mean, it couldn't get much worse, so naturally any improvement invokes the hope of a progressive trend taking shape. Just don't watch the top half of the NFL's offenses and /or their playcalling. That's when reality sets back in...and quickly.

    I don't mean to be cynical, but as a long time Hawk fan, it's a survival tool. I do believe better times are ahead for this team....and have believed that since our inception. The good news is I do not recall our D being better than it currently is at any time in our history. I thank Pete for that.
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  • Things were definitely looking better yesterday thats for sure. Converting those 3rd downs was a big step. Next step is going to be turning those 3's into 7's.

    Btw, I love watching Golden Tate when he smells endzone!
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