The Pats are likely to neutralize our defense.

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  • lukerguy wrote:If you look at the teams who have beat the Patriots in the past, one thing they've all had in common are physical Ds with good pass rush.

    That's how the Cards beat the min Foxboro...

    Ravens, Steelers, Giants

    We'll have a shot as long as we can put 3 TDs on the board.

    Has this team done anything to make you think 3 offensive TDs is a reasonable expectation? Maybe if they can get a pick 6 or something...
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  • The D may have the make up to stop the deep threat and run, but that's what GAME PLANNING is for. As long as Pete and Co. come up with a good scheme, there should be no reason not to have faith in the Defense. Back your team.

    Go Hawks.
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  • TDOTSEAHAWK wrote:I actually think we are well suited to beat the Pats offense except if they go hurry up the entire game. That is our only weakness. We are dependent on personnel switching to make our defense go. Otherwise we can stuff the run, disrupt the short passing game, cover the deep passes and rush the QB - but only if we have the right guys in.

    Otherwise -

    1) They have no deep threat.

    2) Their offensive line is good but not great.

    3) They are depending on their run game to get first downs.

    4) Their wrs are susceptible to being bumped off the line.

    If Hernandez plays it definitely creates a mismatch for us but I am sure that we will deal with it.

    That will play a big part right there.Pats play as fast as any team I have ever seen in the NFL.I can see them catching us in unfavorable personell at times and really exploiting it or force us into our base d (which is pretty damn good)and making substitutions really tough.Could be tough getting our pass rushers into the game when we want to.I'm stoked to see how we match up could be a great chess match.I think we will need at least 20 points to win this game
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