One problem I would like to address about our defense

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  • It seems like every completion the receiver had no one 10 yrds from him. Seems to happen every week. Very concerning to me that no one is recognizing it.
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  • I am sorry dude but there is no way I am going to be critical on our defense.That is just a bit nit picky.
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  • just my only complaint about our d, other than that i love it
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  • All offenses including our own will run 2 receivers through an area attempting to "clear" one of them for a reception. I think that is what happened those times you saw those completions.

    I hope you aren't thinking any defense is going to completely stop all passes every game?

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • They traveled to Carolina and allowed 3 points. One field goal to a desperate, relatively potent offense at home. They completely dominated and confused Cam Newton, and sacked him 4 times...on the East coast.
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  • It seemed like they were not playing press today. They were giving a cushion and Newton was hitting thethe WRs for short gains. The DBs may have not been around when they caught the ball but they closed quick, made the tackle, and held them to short gains. Seemed to work out OK for them.
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  • If you want them to earn "Legion of Boom" status, they need a running start.
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  • Well yeah i don't expect a perfect win but its just something i saw. i love our d anyways
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  • The only nitpicky thing I could come up with is a variation on the OP's complaint:

    I don't care about the WRs being open....we're usually playing a 2 deep zone on a longer 3rd down conversion attempt. I'd just like to see our guys get there and eliminate YAC. I think the Bears might be the best in the league at letting you catch it short and then stuffing you.

    We did clean up our 3rd down conversion rate for our defense this game though.
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  • ESPN:
    "Cam Newton was ineffective on passes traveling more than five yards downfield, completing 28.6 percent of his attempts, his lowest in a game in his career. Entering Week 5, Newton was averaging 12.3 yards per attempt on throws of that distance, the highest among qualified quarterbacks.

    [-]Cam Newton Passing More than 5 yards Downfield, Career"

    1st 4 Games Sunday
    Comp pct 60.3 28.6*
    Yds PG 194 62*
    Yds per att 12.3 4.4
    1st Downs PG 8.8 3

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  • My biggest disappointment with our defense is that I only get to watch them for 3 plays in a row most of the time. If the offense ever gets into a rhythm we might not see the defense more than 3-4 times per game.
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  • every defense I watched today got burned at least once and I saw them all..
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  • Well generally if you send someone on a blitz you take someone out of coverage, so the holes in the zones get a little bigger. If we arent able to get to the qb, even a semi decent qb and receiver combo will find the hole in the zone and exploit it. Good thing we're pretty damn good at getting to the qb most times...
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  • The Problem with our Defense I have, is they tagged the 9 points our offence gave up on the D and that my friends IS BS. :187734: Just like some of the calls today. :229031_banghead: Maybe the Legion of Boom should pay the stat geeks a visit, and then see where those points end up. :thfight7:
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