What is the REAL cause of road troubles?

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  • BirdsCommaAngry wrote:It's not the travel or jet lag from travel. In football home-field advantage is created by conscious and unconscious referee bias, body-clock issues, and for the unprepared, crowd noise. We "struggle" on the road because every team "struggles" on the road and no matter how well we can feasibly play on the road, it will always pale in comparison to how well we play at home. This is a non-issue!

    While it's true that, over time, home-field advantage has remained constant across the league, statistics also back up the fact that west coast teams playing in the east have a significantly worse winning percentage than east coast teams playing in the west.
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  • I would love to know the win/loss % of traveled games played early vs normal or later starts. It would be very interesting to see how west coast teams have fared vs how east coast teams have fared.

    If memory serves, we have done very well in the later time slots on the road. I wonder if this is true for other west coast teams. Could be a good proving point that the 10AM start is much more critical than the travel and if the NFL see's fit to prevent it's east coast teams from having to travel west more than twice a season then they should also find a way for west coast teams to not have to play 10AM time slots. Especially in the frigging playoffs.

    East coast teams automatically play a later start by nature of traveling west but I would like to see if their win % is different when traveling west and playing a late game.

    I would be willing to bet the earlier start time is significant and probably much more than east coast teams having to travel west.
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