Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (Seahawks @ Panthers)

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  • Until the offense can show me they can score touchdowns, I must pick against our beloved Hawks for the first time this year.

    The defense shows up again, but I don't see Bevell and Wilson putting together anything special. We have most of the ingredients, but what should look like a dish from Emeril sadly will be more like Chef Boyardee.

    13-6 Panthers

    My record to date: 2-2
    Go Hawks!
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  • Cam Newton acts like he is the greatest but the bad decision making throws and dances are creating a chasm in the locker room and will not be ready for the Seahawks defense and RW's determination.This is not the same ol Seahawks this is the game they find their rythm and the W.
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  • 23-16 Hawks!

    2-2 so far
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  • English called for us to lose. English is never right.

    We win this one 30-23.
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  • Wow tough crowd. I think the Hawks need this one as they are going into a tough stretch and they respond, 21-14 Hawks.
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  • Hawks bounce back and win on the Road for the first time this year.

    Hawks 27 Panthers 21
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  • 6-20 on the Road. Panthers offensively duked it out with the Saints and Falcons and should have won last week. They got handled at home by the Giants, but the Seahawks offense is no where in the same league as the Giants. Panthers have a very good offense that I can see giving the Seahawks problems and putting more pressure on the offense to produce. Maybe next time but this game goes in the loss column

    Carolina 27
    Seattle 17

    Death threats are fielded by the team's headquarters. Hopefully the Mayans are off by a few months putting us all out of our misery. j/k
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  • I picked the Hawks to win this game. Carolina isn't exactly a tough road stadium to play in, I remember watching that Thursday night game against NY, and it didn't seem like a lot of noise to me. That and Carolina's record at home I think isn't that great.

    When you look at the two defenses, obviously Seattle's is better in both passing and the run. It all comes down to the wild card that is Cam Newton and Seattle's ability to control him in the read option scheme.

    Carolina's backfield can't inspire much confidence, and I think Wilson, if he finds passing lanes, can put up good numbers.

    I don't know how good Seattle is on ST but Carolina's been pretty bad on coverage and returning kicks.

    You guys think I'm about right on all that?
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  • Largent80 wrote:24 - 13 Hawks

    Sweet ass Rob! Sweet ass!!
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  • 31-10. Good guys.
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  • After disappointment in St. Louis this team is going to pull itself up by the bootstraps.

    20-17 Seahawks grab their first road win.

    My record to date 2-2 ironically still just like my Seahawks. :mrgreen:

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  • The Hawks record under Carroll is awful when they give up more than 20 points. I believe they have only one win under that scenario.

    East coast trip. Against a team that is pissed they let one get away against their rivals last week. Against probably the best offensive team we've faced so far this season. Our defense really hasn't a bad game yet. Is this the game they let up a little? Definite possibility. Will we hold them to under 20 points? I don't think so.

    I think Russell Wilson plays better but continues to struggle on third down conversions. Pete plays it safe again trying to run the ball and churn out the clock. I guarantee another mismanaged in-game decision by Pete that impacts the game and another stupid personal foul penalty on someone.

    It'll be close, but another gut-wrenching loss.

    Panthers 23
    Hawks 21
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  • Defense plays out of its mind after last week. Seattle is still figuring things out offensively, but screw it, 13 - 9 Seattle. Season 2-2
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  • Seahawks win 31-17

    Carolina's defense is maybe the worst the Seahawks will face all season. It's a 1pm Pacific start too. Wilson has another game like Dallas.
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  • Hawks 20 Panthers 16 should come down to who plays the best in the final minutes of this one
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  • I have a weird feeling we are going to spank them.
    Defense plays lights out.
    Leon takes one back all the way.
    Wilson throws for 201 Yards.
    Seahawks win 27-10.
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  • D plays same, no rushing yards, thier D sucks.. Hawks 28 - 14
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  • I'm gonna go with my prediction from my blog. Seahawks win 27-24. Backs up against the wall this week, just like this team likes it. We talk about this performance afterwards as another example of the, so far, schizophrenic Seahawks. I think this game will be a lot closer to the Dallas game then the Rams/Cards games for a change.
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  • Our Defense is built for this matchup. We'll score twice on defense alone and embarrass the NFC South once again.

    Seahawks Offense: 13 pt
    Seahawks Defense: 14 pt

    Hawks 27

    Panthers 12

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  • 2 td's for Lynch.
    1 for Wilson and 225+ yards.
    1 td from ST/def (feeling that pick6 from Thomas).
    2 Fg's for Hauschka.
    D gives up 1 td and a few fg's.

    Hawks 34
    Panthers 16
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  • Seahawks....13

    Houshka 31 yard gw fg.

    We get no answers to our questions other than the defense is ridiculous in the red zone.
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  • Seahawks 13 Carolina 20

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  • 24-16 Seahawks.

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  • Panthers 16
    Hawks 12

    As Dom said above: sucks

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  • Yous guys defeatist attitudes are killing me.
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  • break out game from wilson 24-17 Seahawks FTW! Wilson, 2TD's and 260 YDS passing.
    "God Bless Russell Wilson"
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  • I have a weird instinct this week.

    Seattle 24
    Carolina 21

    Record to date: 1-3
    GO HAWKS!!!

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  • An odd, but high scoring game. We win.

    35-32 Seahawks

    Season 1-3
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  • This thread looks like reverse psychology to me.

    Hawks win 27-17
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  • hawksfansinceday1 wrote:Panthers 16
    Hawks 12

    Hey look, I hit it right on the money!!
    Oh wait.... :34853_doh:
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