POLL: Which QB would you start week 2?

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Who would you start at QB vs Dallas?

Russell Wilson
Matt Flynn
Josh Portis (added for PeHawks satisfaction).
Total votes : 130

  • Wow, to think I was fully on board with Flynn no matter what. No rookie can rise to the top. Haha. Stupid me.
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  • We should still start Flynn!

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  • Holy necrothread Batman!?!
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  • Portis, yo.
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  • To be fair Russ won in a landslide - proving the vast majority of people at seahawks.net know their onions...
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Re: POLL: Which QB would you start week 2?
Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:13 pm
  • Man I miss my boy Josh P!
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Re: POLL: Which QB would you start week 2?
Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:36 pm
  • I'm honored to be a first page poster of this thread, ty, ty.

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  • I just voted for Flynn.. That Wilson kid is too short for an NFL quarteback and will never win the championship.... What a lousy wasted draft pick
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  • Portis....Portis...Portis....er uh..um...Wilson Wilson Wilson...um uh.....Great idea. I was on board with Flynn too but when the coach says that Wilson is the man, the coach knows a lot more than we do about his actions and progression thru the preseason. All we see is the end results on the field. And after all...he is too short.

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  • I voted for Charlie Whitehurst.
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  • Wow. Pretty funny/awesome reading this knowing how things turned out lol.

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  • Ah, good times, those. For the record, I was one of the 100 Russell Wilson supporters, even before game two of the preseason. Yes, I'll toot my own damn horn. I have half a brain, and anyone with half a brain could see the kid had it in spades, from the very beginning.
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Re: POLL: Which QB would you start week 2?
Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:31 am
  • I didn't know what to think in the beginning. But the KC game changed that, then when the RRR had Sherman look at the camera away from RW and say "that boy is good" I knew it was right. When it came time I didn't question it at all. Never did I mention Flynn as the starter. Even the first preseason game against Denver. I kind of knew but didn't really believe PC would do it.

    RW.. 28-9 in his first two seasons with a SB win. LOL.
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  • I was one who voted for Russ. I was sold after watching him in the preseason game vs. KC. I even posted a thread that got very little response about his play in that game. I was very impressed watching him go through reads and look the Safety off, something you simply do not see out of rookie QBs hardly ever. Hell, you still seldom see it out of Krapperdink after 3 years in the league. Been on board with Russ ever since.
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  • I didn't even think he played bad week 1 2012 against AZ. What a stupid thread lol.
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  • I was never a Flynn fan. Had no idea or assumption that Wilson would become the player he is. Man, he's special.
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