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No major coordinator change by seasons end.

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  • Since the season began, during the good and bad weeks, there have been talks on the board that X or Y coordinator should be let go or even Carroll himself.

    Though I have my gripes with Carroll's conservative and non-offensive playstyle, I think he should remain head coach but relinquish much of his power to coordinators or to Schneider, but this thread isn't about that per say.

    Schottenheimer or Norton aren't going anywhere. Though I don't think Shotty is exciting the offense has looked vastly better in year two of his tenure than year one. I also don't think he's the weak link, just a few bland games and a few atrocious ones called, other than that not bad.

    Norton in the other hand is the one I think most on this board are call for when it comes to a coach getting the axe. Because this team has had some success and looking at either an 11-5 or 12-4 record with a playoff spot (maybe a first round bye) this creates validation for the whole staff. The success of the team is widely shared even if there is a glaring weak link. Carroll isn't known for replacing his coaches if they perform poorly, him firing Bevell and Richards is the exception not the norm, so unfortunately for us and the team Norton will be here again next year.
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  • I dont have a problem with Schotty. We have a top 10 0, the big problem is the turnovers and there have been some big ones. They have cost us a couple of games.

    On D nobody should expect a pass. From the coaches to the players.
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  • I think the issue is either coaching or talent on the DL. We just can’t get enough pressure to protect our soft zones. Everything bad on defense goes away with decent QB pressure. That’s job #1 this offseason.
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