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How much will Clowney's performance at SF cost us next year?

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  • Yes the refereeing was flat-out terrible this last game, there were penalties called that were ridiculously unfair to Seattle (mystery roughing on the kickoff, imaginary in the grasp, and many non-call of obvious roughing). SF fans have homer googles on not to have noticed the inequity, plus the outrageously bad calls. I’m not whining here but it was starting to look like steering by the referees or they were intimidated by the SF fans, it was typically terrible refereeing a usual factor fans are now subjected to by a stupid league too greedy to have professional referees. Kittle was certainly missed by SF, our team was missing our top TE too, our starting OC, & our top WR in OT, so don’t go there on the personnel excuse as injuries are part of any football season. In the end, watched objectively, the game was unnecessarily close Seattle critically turned the ball over 4 times and missed 3 comparatively easy INT opportunities, giving up huge momentum swings that SF was unable to consistently take advantage of. The story of the game was not about kickers but about missed opportunities on both sides. This thread is about Clowney, and he ate SF’s lunch all game.

    I said above I think Clowney is a better overall DE than Clark was, and this game showed why. He didn’t have a lot of sacks but he dominated the game. Clark never took over a game and Clowney certainly did. Clowney set the table for the rest of the DLine to rough up JGQ who certainly looked to be exposed some this game. When he is run at JC is solid, and he has interecepted a few balls this season and blocks passes well, he is a very solid complete DE and a foundational player who has scored two defensive TDS on turnovers. Maybe it wasn’t all him but he certainly spent the night applying pressure that created lots of other defensive opportunity. He doesn’t get big sack totals but he is consistently a player who needs to be accounted for or bad things happen for opposing QBs.

    If Reed is at last coming on and we see more from the other edge the DLine is going to be a force over the last 6 games. Clowney will be noticed. He deserved the NFC DPOW award for this game. He will get paid and deserves it.
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