Donations ?

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Donations ?
Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:19 pm
  • Looks like one of the features of that got lost during last Sundays outage, was the Donation feature or the link from the home page to it.

    The URL appears to be there, but it's bringing up a 404 error,or lost page reply. I think that the outage and scare from last Sunday serves as a wakeup call for many of us who like to feel like we do our part to help oil the weels on this ride.

    I would say that fixing that link should be a major priority on your to do list Admins, I'll be watching and jump in as soon as I see there is a way to do it. Thaks for keeping this puppy up and running, not always as easy as it looks or seems.

    Go Seahawks ! We're Gonna Do It Again!
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