Carroll is No Longer the Answer for Wilson and Seahawks

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  • Wasting a Franchise Quarterback
    Russell Wilson is currently stuck in a system that isn’t allowing him to succeed. Even as a proven quarterback, it still seems like Wilson isn’t allowed to run his offense, even part of the time. Wilson was successful at checking the play several times against the Chicago Bears but was visibly upset when Carroll called a timeout, preventing him from running his play call, and making him stick to the unfulfilling calls by newbie Brian Schottenheimer.

    Wilson has always portrayed himself as an optimistic person whether it’s after a win or a loss, but he let it slip as he stretched his arms out, and shook his head, mouthing several words as he approached the sideline. After putting up with crap playcalling since he was drafted in 2012, Wilson is finally fed up. If Seattle isn’t careful, they could lose their franchise quarterback. Their offensive line is still atrocious. It is only a matter of time until Wilson goes down with a serious injury. On the other hand, nearing the end of his second contract deal with the team, Wilson may want out of Seattle and the Pete Carroll system that is clearly not working anymore.

    .That being said, Seattle has gone 0-3 in week two road games in the past five years but have followed it with a 4-0 record in week three home games, which the Seahawks will have next against the Dallas Cowboys. Even if the Seahawks can figure it out and pull out enough wins, it’s time to cut an end with Pete Carroll and his old-time play calling that isn’t working anymore. ... ll-wilson/
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