OT Jamarco Jones OUT for a long while

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OT Jamarco Jones OUT for a long while
Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:44 pm

  • Just watching it on tape IMO he'll go to IR.
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  • High ankle sprains are tough. My son got one in HS and his Dr. stated it would have healed quicker if broken.
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  • TreeRon wrote:High ankle sprains are tough. My son got one in HS and his Dr. stated it would have healed quicker if broken.

    I remember a few years back. IIRC Anthony Simmons missed around 11 games one year because of one of those.
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  • When I do graphics, I occasionally create a shape or apply an effect that makes me think, hey, that's kind of sucky. So I just hit the handy undo command. It's like going back in time and pretending I never did what I just did.

    Wish there were undo buttons for sports injuries. Especially rolled-on, landed-on, awkwardly hit knee, leg, and ankle injuries. Few things suck worse, and I wish they never happen.
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  • He was unlikely to be anything more than a deep reserve player this year. He’ll be IR’d as soon as the team thinks is reasonable and I’d be surprised two see him recalled.

    Too bad as he had the look of a player that just might be a reliable backup OT.
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  • I used to get ankle sprains in my twenties and thirties when I was playing a lot of basketball. Nothing was worse than the high variety. I was on crutches for two months once, and it took me a good full year until I was back to full strength. Granted, I am but a shlub and no professional athlete but high ankle sprains are no joke.
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  • He must have tore a tendon or something close to need surgery.
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