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  • I'm ok with change. Many of you don't remember me as there are so many new names on the board, which has grown tremendously over the years. I became more of a lurker over the last several seasons, but I'm hoping to dive back into the conversations that I use to enjoy so much on this site with people like Todd, Matt, Pehawk (sp?), and our beloved Les who was always so kind to put me back in my place, when I got out of hand but not to forget many others, too many to mention who were always my Seahawks family here .

    I've also enjoyed the run we've had with the Seahawks and the Legion of Boom, it was an exciting ride nonetheless. For me personally, the Seahawks as fun as they were to watch, became predictable knowing they would seldom be defeated with our secondary and Russ at the helm. I'm excited to see and watch the new rooks step up and make a name for themselves, like Sherm, Kam and Bennett once did when they were unknowns. There are a lot new names being thrown around with sounds of great potential and to me, thats exciting to watch and develop, in itself.

    Change is here again, we are most likely the "Underdogs" that we were once were before. There's a part of me which prefers the underdog status, there's that unknown of what's to come or where we are headed and to me that is exciting football indeed.

    Finally, I see that change is also here with new ownership of this site, as I was with the previous owners, I'm thankful to you guys for the work you put in and for providing a place for all of us to meet. Truly appreciated!

    I'm looking forward to an unknown season and the many conversations ahead here at the NET. Change is good my friends, change is good indeed.

    Your Seahawk family member and friend,


    Go Hawks!
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  • Welcome back! Post more often if you can! :D

    I’m nervous and excited about the Seahawks being perceived as the underdog because of all the player departures. I feel I will personally appreciate the successes more, rather than taking the small victories for granted.
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  • Always a treat to see a positive, tenured NET alumni around the joint. A lot of newer faces, but community remains the heart of the site. Keep posting brother! Go Hawks!
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  • Good to see you again. :229031_cheers:

    Go Hawks.
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  • Great to see you HK! :irishdrinkers:
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  • Haha...changes, but it feels the same.

    When PC first arrived...
    He jettisoned so many veteran players. Many said his rah rah style won't work in the NFL.

    Fast forward to this off season...
    He jettisoned so many veteran players several angrily said his rah rah gets old and won't work.

    Today, we have a bunch of young, hungry players who are, "All in", on his rah rah, always compete approach.

    looking forward to the next preseason game!
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  • There aren't many of us who have stayed around since 2007. Welcome back to posting once again, Hawknight.
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  • Some changes will be good, some bad.
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