Young players you’ve rooted for in training camp

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  • Simple question,

    Who’s your favorite ‘under the radar’ player that battled to make the team? Could be someone that was undrafted, didn’t make it past camp, someone that never recovered from injuries, made the team but really didn’t contribute, etc. Basically, someone you consistently rooted for.

    Example, and my personal favorite that I mentioned in another thread- D.J Hackett

    Always thought he was going to be a #1 for us. I actually bought so much into the hype that I got his jersey mid way through the 05 season. He definitely contributed, but wasn’t anywhere near where I thought he’d be.

    Other examples off the top of my head-
    Kasen Williams (obvious)
    Jordan Kent
    Thomas Rawls (probably would have been a premier player if not for the injury)
    Josh Portis
    Jesse Lumsden (anyone else remember this guy?!?)
    Deon Butler
    Kevin Norwood
    Jordan Hill
    Michael Boulware (one of my all time favs)

    Who else ya got?
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  • Gibson. Wsu wr
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  • Jessie Davis came in as UDFA from U Idaho out of Asotin Wa. HS.. Got cut, I think was brought back twice and is now a starting G with Dolphins.
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  • Will Dissly
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  • Had this whole long post, then realized you weren't talking about strictly this year, lmao. Reading comprehension Jim, c'mon man.
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  • Bigpumpkin wrote:Will Dissly

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  • Mansfield Wrotto. No shit.
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  • Pretty much every tight end.
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  • Three players:

    Tre Flowers, Tedric Thompson, and Jamarco Jones.

    If these three can start and hold down their fort, my gosh, we will have a function OL and rebirth of LOB. We might just make playoff this year.
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  • Seahawk_Dan wrote:
    Bigpumpkin wrote:Will Dissly


    Yup, if this guy can block in the NFL, nothing but positives. I don't care if you can run a 25 yard seam route,,, block your ass off and catch 3-5-10 yard passes. Thank you. :2thumbs:
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  • Dissly, not just because I'm a UW fan, but because the guy is a flat out consistent player. Blocks so well, I think he'll be the best blocking TE we have had since Miller.
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  • This is a fun thread! A lot of old names in here. I remember Mansfield Wrotto. And I definitely remember Lumsden. Tobeck called him out publicly for constantly running the wrong way on run plays.

    Here's a few of mine.
    Steve Vallos
    Cassius Marsh
    Brandon Browner
    Jerehme Urban
    Marquis Weeks
    Ray Willis
    Ryan Murphy
    Joe Newton
    Nick Vannett
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  • Two names really stand out for me, and not only because it was recent. Carson and Prosise were two guys I had a football crush on immediately.
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  • Derek Devine: he could hand off a ball well beyond his years.
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  • David Greene :sarcasm_off:

    In all seriousness, TY McGill, DT
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  • I remember really rooting for John Lotulelei, loved the way that guy played. I think he's still bouncing around the league.
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  • Doug Baldwin, Curt Warner, Keith Simpson, Kenny Easley, The Boz, Michael Jackson, Bruce Shulz, Terry Wooden just to name a few.

    Griff last year and Griff this year, Penny, and Dissly.
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  • Taco Wallace
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  • The Konz...
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  • - Sean Locklear post Walter Jones at LT.
    - Micheal Bennett during his first stint as a Seahawk
    - Justin Forsett, every time he's had a chance he has ran with it
    - Owen Schmitt, "the run away beer truck", and the helmet breaker
    - D.J Hacket, if only he could have stayed healthy.
    - Leonard Weaver, we were idiotic to let this guy go. He was doing great in philly, and was awesome for us until he broke his leg in two in philly.
    - Charlie Whitehurst, clipboarding never looked better and we spent a third round pick.
    - Big Mike Williams, great comeback story -- but also a tail of old habits dying hard.
    - Golden Tate, huge fan of his at Notre Dame.
    - That DE we had that was a longshot that always led preseason in sacks. I think Reed was his name. Always looked like the next big thing, but in real games he looked bad.
    - Jermaine Kearse, saw his bad hands in college, but also saw some of the insane catches he made.
    - Doug Baldwin, always impressed by what he was able to do with luck and his never say never attitude.
    - Darryl Tapp
    - Josh Wilson
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  • Ad Hawk wrote:The Konz...

    Dang, how could I forget The Konz!! Was he a FB or a TE? A CB or a DE? Those will remain some of the world's greatest unanswered questions.
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  • So much potential athletically. So little Football Skill, apparently.
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  • Mostly all of them. Konz was a funny one though.

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