Wish Earl was more like Kam.

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Re: Wish Earl was more like Kam.
Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:53 am
  • There is nothing PC/JS and the Seahawks need to do except let Earl play out his final contract year. If he has gas in the tank, maybe franchise him for another year.

    Earl will give maximum effort and ball out this year to be in position after the end of the season. The team holds the cards, not Earl. They can sign and trade, etc. It's silly to give Earl's drama queen posing so much attention. But, I suppose drama queen sells.

    There is no decision to make. Earl shows up and plays, or he doesn't. There is no trade on offer that makes any sense. Earl has less value to any other team, and has badly damaged his brand by his foolish antics. IMO the team is not going to give in and set a bad precedent.
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Re: Wish Earl was more like Kam.
Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:23 pm
  • toffee wrote:PPF is hating on our HOF Earl, ranking him a WTF #6 FS in the league just when Earl is seeking a long term contract that reflects his best FS in the league status. #6 is truly ridiculous, behind Andrew Sendejo, Glover Quin, Kevin Byard, Devin McCourty and Adrian Amos, no way Jose. ... on#slide13

    PFF has trouble grading FS play, especially for a center fielder like Earl because a huge part of his impact is the plays he prevents from happening, not just the plays he makes.
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