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  • SoulfishHawk wrote:Ridiculous conservative play calling in the first half, for a long while now. It needs to stop.

    agreed but not sure it will, however, we will know if it is Pete or not. My fear is they go out to establish the run at all cost, including the game.
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  • I'm going to guess here about the conservative play-calling because of the consistent observations: 1) conservative and nonproductive 1st halves of games, 2) emphasis on Defense, 3) number of close games, 4) number of 4th quarter wins or come-from-behind wins, 5) consistency of this formula though many fans are screaming for a change, 6) RW's fantastic 2nd half QB rating:

    1. This is Pete's methodology, and I doubt it will change, even with new OC/Line coaches

    2. I would guess that there are statistics showing how non-conservative calls lead to turnovers, especially early in games when an offense could be "baited" into bad plays. RW is told to throw it away early rather than go for the big play. This may also get the QB warmed up before throwing the long ball or into tight windows with accuracy.

    3. Pete wants to line up in certain looks to ascertain how it will be countered by a defense, then run something simple and relatively risk-free, even at the risk of not completing or getting a 1st down. This explains the scripted plays.

    4. Late in the game ("You can only win in the 4th quarter" mentality), Pete will line up with counters to the early defensive fronts, who are now confident they can stop Pete's offense. RW's fantastic 2nd half/4th quarter numbers suggest this is true, rather than just saying "RW is cold in the 1st half."

    5. Having a good defense keeps the game slow and close until the 4th quarter when the offense exploits the known weaknesses.

    PC has found a philosophy he thinks wins, and he'll continue to use it until it's proven to not give winning seasons. To this point, he appears more correct than false, even if the football on the field isn't as interesting as fans demand. It also doesn't put RW in the same position as other QBs. He is reigned in by the system, even though we know he can make the throws when asked.
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