I Still Can't Believe We Won A Super Bowl.

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  • That is all.
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  • Agreed. But cant believe we lost the next one....
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  • I'm wearing my SB T Shirt right now. It was just an amazing thing, can't believe it either, especially how we won that one.
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  • Don't let that distract you from the fact that the Seahawks should have ran the ball!

    1. Robbed by the Stealers and refs!
    2. The Super Bowl was really against the Niners!
    3. One could say winning this game cements the Seahawks as one of the premier sports organizations in the world. Back to back is legendary!
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  • Yes. i am eternally grateful we won our 1st SB. That night, after everyone was in bed, I enjoyed my very own sob session. Apparently, I woke my wife up and she entered the TV room asking if I was ok?
    Sobbing like a frigging baby I was.
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  • LOL...

    Tears were shed across the planet that day I am sure. The whole day was so surreal. I was watching the game at my good friend's sister's house in Tacoma. They have a beautiful home and were so gracious. They served prime rib and a giant pot of dungeness crab legs. Like that wasn't heaven enough. So there I was, eating amazing prime rib and a plate full of fat crab legs and there's my Seahawks on the biggest sports stage on the planet DESTROYING the NFL's most prolific offense in NFL history.

    Surely this was a dream? But....Nope.

    43 - 8.

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  • Image
    Found this on a Ross hat rack 2 years ago
    I was like... no way
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  • ‘‘Twas a long dry spell indeed.

    I may be in the minority here but I feel like, as long as we have Pete & Russ we have a puncher’s chance every year, and I’m actually optimistic for this season.

    I know we have many unknowns but as time goes on I think things are jelling.

    I think they will have a great training camp.
    I hope they continue to stay under the radar, and surprise us all.

    Nobody here can say with any honesty that you can’t win one with a bunch of young unknown and unsung players, because we’ve done it before.

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  • Take some comfort in that we could be the Bills or the Vikings and had gone 5 times I think and are 0 fer.
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  • Thanks for the reminder, such good memories!
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  • Nobody can ever take it away. Shoot, we really could be 3-0 in the Super Bowl. Oh well, doesn't take away from how much I appreciate that we won it.
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