DE Jacob Martin plays "too hard" to be evaluated at camp

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  • I listened to an interview with his Defensive coach and he said that in all his years of playing and coaching football, he has never seen a guy that works harder than him. He said he's not only a physical freak in the weight room and on the field, but also would schedule his own film study with teammates back at his dorm a few days before games.

    Apparently at Temple they have the "single digit" tradition, where only the 9 toughest players get the ability to have a uniform with a single digit. Im excited about this kid. ... ff-collins
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  • I'm telling you, I have a strong feeling the 2018 draft will be looked back on in a few years as our best by FAR since the 2012 draft.
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  • He's got a bit of Cliff Avril in him.
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  • Keep in mind that we've been penalized draft picks the past couple years for excessive contact in pre-season, so telling players to chill out might not be because they are playing any harder than in years past.
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  • I’m liking this draft class more and more. Don’t be surprised if Seattle makes the second round in the playoffs next year.
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  • Seems like a nice way of saying he didn't show much at the rookie camp because his talents aren't suited to that type of camp (no contact, etc). But we like what we saw on film.
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  • Think how these two may influence the rest of the defense. I like it.
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  • Aros wrote:I'm telling you, I have a strong feeling the 2018 draft will be looked back on in a few years as our best by FAR since the 2012 draft.

    I have that feeling too, Aros. Everyone slamming the Penny pick needs to remember, it wasn't just penny they got. Their first pick was Penny/Green, which like every pick imo, is of great value. Even the way the "experts" are grading them reminds me of those early PCJS drafts. Also, everyone's hero Bellicheck took a rb with fumbling issues in the first round, why is it so bad Seattle took Penny?
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