How good do you guys think Shaquill can become?

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  • With Sherman officially gone. Shaq has to become that #1 guy now, what do you guysthink his ceiling is? I think he can become an All pro and maybe one of the best corners in the league. He showed signs of that last year, but at times got burned too. I remember a few games were he was facing top recievers and there was plays he was legit shutting them down.

    You guys think he becomes a top CB or do you guys feel he will be average? He has all the tools.

    Heres his season highlight tape by the way
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  • I sure hope he can become all pro. I think he has a decent time year, not "great". What'd he have, one interception all year? That's something he really needs to work on. He seems to know how to turn his head, so hopefully he can turn into a ball hawk and get those INTs. I'm expecting a big leap from him next year.
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  • Tough to say in just one year. Obviously, he has an opportunity to step up this year.

    I hope he has a high ceiling. We saw some good stuff in '17, but some rookie mistakes, too. Let's hope he grows.
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  • I saw him do things that only veterans do. He had his slip ups but that is excusable. He played well above what should be expected from a rookie not to mention was a solid starter. He should do very well in this league, definitely has a #1 CB qualities.

    Think his brother might be a better football player though. Hope we get that dude.
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  • Griffin to me showed the potential to be an all pro caliber player. I would not be surprised to see him make it to all pro 1 or 2 times in the prime of his career.
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  • One thing I noticed is when he got beat, he was usually right there just off. Never torched real bad. I think he has all pro potential, and that is an awesome rookie highlight reel.
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  • I hope he gets smart quick

    Getting beat over the top vs Washington was d-u-m-b.
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  • He has Pro Bowl ceiling. He had a tough rookie year.
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  • I think he can be above average. He seemed to get beat a few times but hopefully his speed will help him in the future. As hawk fans.....sometimes we over hype our team. Hate to bring up Sherman, but from his very first start when Trufant went down....I could immediately tell that he would be All Pro, and he was in his second year. There were other Cornerbacks in last years outstanding Rookie class who fared much better than Shaquill. I really wanted the Hawks to take Lattimore. I am actually more of a fan of Shaq's twin brother, who really makes impact plays (I know he plays a different position).
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  • Optimus25 wrote:I hope he gets smart quick

    Getting beat over the top vs Washington was d-u-m-b.

    He was a rookie, he learned one the hard way. With his make up I think he can be one of the top tier CB's in the league. Would love to see us get his brother, I think you would see a second coming of our hungry, passionate D just from those guys playing balls out together with passion.

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  • I think Shaq can get to the all pro level if he improves his knowledge a bit to improve positioning.

    I honestly hope his brother does not end up here though. Player contracts and performance are tough enough to handle without brotherly emotions.
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  • Well, he's got the right hair for the job..
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  • Well, I can live with the "only 1 INT" if he's getting that many PDs. ;)

    I suspect the INTs will come as he grows into the position. He shows a lot of good closing speed, and recovers well to the WR's cuts.
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  • So hard to know, even if you are a highly paid FO type. With Mingo what do we have? The top 3 picks from one class?
    None of whom have yet to make an impact.

    Combine stats don't seem to reveal much, Sherman is slow by corner standards but played at the highest level. And even how well you played in college doesn't often translate to the pros.

    Wait and see, that's all you can do.
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  • He’ll be a solid #2. Speaking of which, you’ll have to excuse me...
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  • 32 teams that play 3 CB’s make it about 96 CB’s as his completion. I think he can be in the upper 3rd one of the 30 best CB’s in the league.
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  • I honesty can't evaluate CB's, such a hard position to get 'right'.

    I'd imagine he can get to top 15 in the league, though.
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  • He'll be out of the league by Week 1.
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  • I think he was good not great last year. Vigilant was right about Sherm looking like a stud almost immediately. Don't think Shaq is that good.
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