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Re: How long
Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:53 am
  • We have Wilson.

    We have Wagner.

    We have Baldwin.


    (For now) Earl Thomas.

    That's worth something. I can't say we will be world beaters but I know the team with at least be competitive and make a run for the playoffs.
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Re: How long
Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:13 am
  • Hawkscanner wrote:
    Seymour wrote:
    Hawkscanner wrote:
    Seymour wrote:Sherman just did an interview with Joe Thomas yesterday and revealed exactly that. Said the team lost their way with draft and talent evaluation. Said that the core guys that have been there have all heard the stories so many times that they could recite the next sentence. Said that Pete's game was built for players that refresh and move on within a 4 year period (college coach).
    Pretty much what many people worried about when we hired Pete, that the rah rah would wear off, and he'd lose his edge.

    Yes but to be completely fair ... same thing can be said of the harded nose approach as well (Belichick ... and of course guys like Bill Parcells before that). As noted many times by others, the Patriots have reloaded many times before.

    I think that what you're seeing with the Seahawks right now ... is the same thing that you see with ALL NFL teams. It doesn't matter WHO you are or what your particular approach is. Success is only sustainable with the same group of players for only so long. After awhile, age ... injuries ... contracts ... and egos end up getting in the way. Why do you think coaches get fired so often? It's because guys can only hear the same thing so much before they start to tune out. So, you either:

    A) Replace the Players

    B) Replace the Coaching Staff

    C) A Combo of Both.

    I just see what's happening with the Hawks right now as being par for the course. This is just the way it is with Professional Sports in general. Period.

    Not with losing their way with the draft and talent evaluation part. That is on Pete and staff...and THAT is why the core cannot be replaced / refreshed without a period of fielding a considerably worse team. It is the core problem that has made us lose so much draft capitol on the oline and RB positions that started this situation to begin with. The message is subject to getting stale when you are forcing the same players back year after year. In Bennetts case you are actually having to rely on him to play even more snaps.

    Yes -- granted. A lot of our current situation stems from talent evaluation and not really hitting in the draft like we did in past years. Our current lack of draft capitol is a big issue. I won't argue that whatsoever. That is spot on.

    NOW ... what do you do about that moving forward? That's a great question. Personally, I think that leads right back around to the current debate surrounding Earl Thomas. I hate to say it, but he's the biggest poker chip that we have right now. You don't GIVE him away by any means. BUT ... given age, past injury situation, and contract status ... you absolutely DO dangle him out there in trade talks (which is obviously what's happening). I know it's asking for the moon (and it may turn out to be unrealistic in the end) but if the Hawks can actually get a 1st and a 3rd back for him ... I'd say you do that in a heartbeat. Have to. If you're going to re-boot/rebuild -- go all the way. I know what I'm saying. I LOVE Earl. He is the straw that stirs the drink on that secondary. But, I think you have to consider dealing with him if the price is right. Just my .02.

    Completely agree on Earl. My dilemma with getting rid of Earl is based on the poor early round draft decisions we've made in the recent past. What good is a 1st or high 2nd round pick if you just turn around and blow it on the McDowell's, Ifedi's, Michael's, Carpenter's of the world? This is why I don't think Pete gets back to "dominance".
    But you are right....we gotta try.
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Re: How long
Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:33 am
  • NEVER EVER Again!. These guys made a deal with the devil or purchased a winning lottery ticket in 2012. In other words it was luck that they stumbled onto low draft picks a few FA's with a high upside. As the drafts over the past four years show, they are below average talent evaluators (coaches and players). Pete is not an X's and O's guy and depended on a few extraordinary plays to get to and win a super bowl. The playoff loss to the Falcons in 2012 and the SB49 debacle showed his inability to coach in the moment when it was required.

    PC is a good coach but nothing special. He is a great motivator of young players but not so much with veterans. In all other aspects he is no better than average. JS had a great start but has sputtered. He will get more opportunities but only time will tell if he ever again catches lightning in a bottle.
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