Should we go ahead and try signing someone?

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  • With what money? :34853_doh:
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  • I expect today to be so quiet as far as signing new F.A that you could do this.

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  • Wouldn't be at all surprised if both Murray and ASJ walk out the building with new deals, certainly ASJ.
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  • I'll pass on Murray and his 3.6 YPC average last season. Since leaving Dallas and that top 5 oline, he has averaged 3.9 YPC with better lines than ours in Philly and Tennessee.
    In contrast, Carson averaged 4.2 YPC here with a way worse oline.
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  • AgentDib wrote:Every team is spending the same amount of money and therefore the more talented teams are the ones who get better value for that same money.

    Not entirely true. There is a hard cap, but it's a rolling one so some teams have more money in a given year due to savings in a previous one. That's a leading theory currently: that the Hawks will be looking to save dollars this year and roll it into 2019 when they will be 'more competitive'.

    I'm not sure I subscribe to the above theory given Pete's age and competitive spirit. This years Free Agency will be interesting either way it goes.
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  • Osprey wrote:There is a hard cap, but it's a rolling one so some teams have more money in a given year due to savings in a previous one.

    Right, there are short-term things you can do to go all in, such as our contract restructures last year and trading future picks for help now. Nobody does the long-term thing. The Browns tried last year and have a ton of picks this year as a result, but Sashi was fired over it and it's a new group reaping the benefits of his austerity. If the Hawks have money to burn then using it on extensions is a great way to go.

    The point is that sort of thing is not sustainable and over the long-term the only way to have more talent than your rival is to have players at a better value and that means more rookie contracts and QB contracts and less UFA contracts. That's why I thought the Rams were more talented than we were last year but it's a short term thing and they are already paying for it this off-season as their value contracts start to hit free agency (losing Watkins and Johnson so far this week).
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  • SoulfishHawk wrote:With what money? :34853_doh:

    We have $27MM in cap space without having cut Avril

    Then for next year we are looking at $97 million. We can easily spread some money via signing bonus etc

    Don't get me wrong - I am not saying lets go waste money, but we can sign pretty much anybody and work it out fine

    The issue is more not overpaying for really good players. We prefer overpaying for crappy players....
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  • I'd rather stand pat with all the ridiculous contracts being thrown around.
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