Pete Carroll Consolidating Control over team?

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  • MontanaHawk05 wrote:
    adeltaY wrote:There's no conspiracy, Pete appears to be doubling down and right now that disappoints me. I wanted to see a creative offense with motions, misdirection, innovative play designs to make it easier for Russ and our other offensive players to get open and make plays.

    We will definitely be seeing that kind of offense at least four times a year...

    Pete is the type that doesn't believe in innovation. Like Holmgren (ironically), he believes in playing "our brand of football" because simplicity unburdens players and lets them play better. Doesn't matter what they play if they can't stop you anyway. Execution trumps innovation and all that.

    I'm more open to that idea on defense than I am on offense. But there is talk out there that Kris Richard diversified the defense too much over the last few years, got it away from simplicity that empowers players, and that it needs to get back to its 2013-2014 roots.

    As for the offense...well, it was so bungled by Cable and failure to secure a solid RB that it's hard to judge much of anything.

    You say secure a solid RB, we have had those Lynch, Ware, Collins, I will add Rawls and Davis and Carson, they have shown they can play whether here or somewhere else, Lynch defied logic because he was so unique in his style and determination.

    Saying you can't run the ball without Earl Campbell, Jerome Bettis, Marshawn Lynch, or Jim Brown in your backfield would be really saying you failed as a Run offense unless you have a Hall of Fame Punisher as a RB.
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  • I agree this next season is Pete's Hail Mary.

    As someone else in this thread said, if he's going down he's going down his way.

    I admire that. I also would rather see him stage a remarkable coaching comeback and return our team to some version of its former glory...
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