Don't Fret 12's. All Is As It Should Be.

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Don't Fret 12's. All Is As It Should Be.
Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:36 am
  • So many worriers! So many asking me, "Well now what Todd??!"

    Now what?

    I mean, yes, we just officially cleaned house. There's always room for concern when your team gives pink notices to your offensive coordinator, OL coach (who happened to share offensive coaching duties per se) and likely gives the boot to defensive coordinator (soon my pretties! mooohahaha)

    Yet why am I so calm? Because the genesis of excellence is still here. The very foundation of success in the NFL is having a franchise quarterback.


    Having a proven Head Coach, GM and their collective proven paradigm.


    Having the best LB team in the league, a talented DL and secondary that will continue to strive to be the best in the NFL...


    Having an owner, while lacking flamboyancy and bravado like, say, a Jerry Jones, has a near limitless budget and an uncanny ability to know just when to step in when it matters...


    So trust the process 12's! We continue to be in more than capable hands to give us a shot for the promise land!
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  • :ditto:

    I'm excited to see what changes Schottenheimer makes with HIS offense. When he had Bradford at QB we couldn't touch his offense. Bradford tears his ACL and welcome to the personnel suckfest of Fisher. Honestly, if he can find a fullback he likes, use the tight ends well and drive the ball/build a wall around Russ it's a step up from Bevell. Cabevell was going to end RWs career with inept protection.
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  • Change is good. The team was stagnant, almost content with mediocrity.

    These changes will hopefully light a fire under everyone. Hopefully some roster change are next
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  • And the reality is that NOT making the playoffs is ultimately what triggered these moves. So yes, I'll sacrifice playoffs for a year if that means we change the outlook of our future.
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