Potential Matchups and our True Achilles Heel

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  • Hey everyone

    So I know there's been a lot of back and forth, some bickering especially after the loss. I know we all hate to lose so it puts us in a sour mood. I wanted to look at the NFC picture to see how we matchup with our competition. I think signs are a bit encouraging.

    The Jaguars game didn't shock me a whole bit because I saw it as a poor matchup. On the road, against a great secondary. We don't run the ball well or consistently, and it's hard to beat the Jags if you can't run the ball. We don't have Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Brown, or Odell Beckham. So asking our receivers to beat their secondary with no threat of a running game was too tall a task I thought. The teams that beat the Jags were good at running the ball. Hopefully Mike Davis can remain healthy. Anyway, here's how I see it:


    For me personally, my biggest matchup fear is the Vikings. They're not quite the Jaguars, but they have a great enough secondary that we can't beat them one dimensionally. It would take some amazing, heroic efforts by Russell. Their LB core is also good enough to stop a rush attack, unless we step that part of our game up. Even with Case Keenum, the fact of the matter is it's a moot point if our offense is one dimensional against their secondary. It would be the Jags game 2.0. Bonus, what happens when Blair Walsh has to kick field goals? The Vikings might be our achilles heel in the NFC


    With Wentz out of the picture, I think we're a matchup problem for them. Their strength is rushing defense, their secondary can be great at times but is far more capable of exposure compared to the Jags or Vikings


    This would be another tough hypothetical matchup. Our run defense would have to be strong. Drew Brees is still Drew Brees, but I think he's very capable of turning over the ball. Lattimore would probably give Baldwin trouble but I think the rest of the secondary is capable of being exposed as well. Could probably keep them honest with a run game as well


    A team that always gives us trouble and was basically built to beat us, but Fisher is no longer there. I personally think beating us was the only thing Fisher was good at. I think their secondary is capable of giving up big plays, and we didn't have Duane Brown the last time. Our O-line will be better this time around even if we have to play them twice, and a healthy Mike Davis could keep them honest. I am worried about the absence of Sherman, but hopefully we can mitigate that with a good pass rush


    Cam is inconsistent, but has had great games against us. It's a toss up to me, but I do think our defense can stop their run game. I also think our offense can score points on them. Their front 7 is great but their secondary can be had


    Another toss up. Would have to be a mistake free game. Quinn knows our team inside out. When we've lost to the Falcons it's not because we've been completely outclassed, but because of boneheaded plays


    With no Sherman this would scare me. The only hope is that MAYBE our offense would do better against them given our improved O-line. But even then, I'd be a nervous wreck. That defense just has our number, kind of like the Dolphins/Chiefs with Tom Brady

    That's all I got, feel free to add any thoughts! I truly do feel that we're capable of making a Super Bowl run this year if we take care of business, and then we'd likely have to face the Steelers or Patriots, which I'm not afraid of either
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  • If we were a shoe in I'd like this whole post. However we need to win most likely all 3 games to make the playoffs.
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  • Actually making the playoffs is our heel right now....
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  • I wouldn't worry so much about the Vikings. Keenum has a long history in the league of being a savvy but inaccurate gunslinger and he's been getting away with a lot this season. He's the sort of QB we like to face where we're not trying to do anything tricky on defense but just force the opposing QB to make great throws to beat us.

    The Rams are my major concern, and not just because the playoffs rest on this upcoming game. Naz, Reed and Bennett have all been dinged up lately which opens things up for Gurley, and we can't provide much emphasis in the run game without risking huge plays in the passing game due to the recent injuries to our LB group along with the losses on the back end of our defense. The only real hope I see is if the fans are appropriately desperately loud and Goff has a bad day on the road. That should make for a fun game at least but I don't see us as the favorites.
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  • Isn't Keenum somehow 2-0 against us?
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  • dadof3 wrote:Image

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  • I do not know why anyone would be so focused on watching this meltdown slip into the playoffs. We barely stand a chance on the Regular season Sunday let alone try and win a Playoff game. The more players we lose the more I slip into depression.
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