One-sided referees calling non-existent penalties...

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  • ZagHawk wrote:Hawks admit they like to play to the edge, and year after year are the most penalized teams in the NFL. It's like having a bad reputation for being late at work, the manager is going to start getting on your case every time your even 1 minute late, but that other person can come in 5-10 minutes without the manager even batting an eye. Is it fair? no. But you already put yourself in the hot seat with your reputation for coming in late all the time. The only way to beat it is be 30 minutes early every day for a couple months until the manager leaves you alone.

    So what does that mean for the Hawks.

    Stop playing to the edge, and focus on clean football for a while until the officials stop focusing on you. It's like having your kid who gets in trouble all the time screaming about having a curfew vs your grade A student kid.

    Agreed. A couple examples of this off the top of my head...

    A few years back when Sherman was asked about excessive contact with receivers, he basically said something like, "hey, they can't call holding/PI every play, right?" I'm not saying Sherman mauls receivers, but he does walk the razor's edge.

    Same thing with Bennett. Bennett is notorious for offsides incurred when trying to jump the snap count. Yeah, we complain when he racks up an offsides penalties... but how many times does he guess correctly and get a great jump from it?
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