Thursday Night Football Worth It?

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Re: Thursday Night Football Worth It?
Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:06 pm
  • valleyflyfisher wrote:
    Where are you coming up with the 3 day turnaround? Finish Sunday game @5 PM Sunday don't blow the whistle to start Thursday night game until 5:15, that's just over 96 hours, and I'll even do the math for you, 96/24 = 4 Days. And once more I'll ask, where was all the complaining from Detroit, or Dallas, when they have been playing Thursday night games for decades? There was next to none and in fact a common quote from players in post game interviews was they looked forward to the "mini bye" following the Thanksgiving games. And as far as quality of games, there was more than a few stinkers today, like most where can we throw the blame for them?

    Well let's do it this way

    3 days off (no games)

    Sunday and Thursday are game days and shouldn't be counted as down time just for simplification purposes and a full nights sleep. Would you say a player got a day of rest if they played a game Sunday at 4pm then played Monday at 4pm? No, you wouldn't, even though there is a 24 hour period between games.

    This is a regular week in the NFL.

    6 days off (no games)

    Whether you go my way or your way of calculating actual time off there are still 3 less days to recuperate and everyday counts. There was a time years ago where players and coaches complained about the shortened week from Monday night games.

    As for the Thanksgiving analysis, no one wanted to play on that Thursday for numerous reasons, shortened week, Thanksgiving etc.. Dallas' and Detroit's owners volunteered to play for promotional reasons and it then became a tradition that those two teams played every Thanksgiving.
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Re: Thursday Night Football Worth It?
Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:10 pm
  • Also if it's a road game you have to account for travel day before game day, that's not a day off packing and traveling. Plus you give up the normal day off whether its Tuesday of Monday.

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Re: Thursday Night Football Worth It?
Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:35 pm
  • mikeak wrote:The solution is actually quite simple and it is annoying hey haven't done it

    Add second Bye week into the season. Create TNF for two teams coming off Bye week only. You now add two more times where players gets more rest, you keep the TNF revenue, you improve the product and you get better overall health

    This. It's so obvious that they'll never do it. :)
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Re: Thursday Night Football Worth It?
Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:46 am
  • No Kam or Sherm, so definitely not
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Re: Thursday Night Football Worth It?
Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:53 am
  • joeseahawks wrote:I'm shocked people are actually taking the side of players in this. Aren't we suppose to always side with the more successful ones (billionaires) vs the Thugs?
    I mean ... these players are paid millions, why don't they just shut up and play. I would play the game every day, if I was paid that. Owners have made billions in business. They know what they are doing. Who are we to question billionaires?
    The league is a business first. It is all about profit. Why are we so worry about the feelings or the safety or the emotions of these millionaires? Can't they use these millions to find ways to keep their bodies healthy? If they can't play 2 games in 5 days, then they should be let go and younger and stronger guys should be signed. I really don't understand these complains. To me, John and Pete need to be blamed for this. They have guys on the roster who can't play 2 games in 5 days. They know very well that Thursday night games are on the schedule. And they are not prepared. As someone famous and who shall not be named recently said, the NFL has become too soft. The Raiders and Chiefs had a great game on Thursday night and it was lots of fun. And nobody got hurt. We should sign some of their players in the offseason. I'm sure their fans love Thursday Night Games. How do you think Rams feel about TNF, now that Sherman is out of the season? They certainly love it. How about the rest of the NFC? 15 teams in the NFC love TNF today.
    Our players should just shut up and play. The owners need the money desperately.
    And our fans should get inline with the program ...

    Oh wait ... this Crap just hit OUR team, OUR family, OUR guys ... never mind ....

    Yup, millionaire crybabies. Just play, rotate players a bit for Thursday nights... .like other sports who play a TON more games. I LOVE Thursday night games. Or any night game. I highly doubt there are legitimate arguments other than, "I'm tired."
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