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  • Here's the grade from Walterfootball - and it takes into account the trade down factor. Knowledgeable and entertaining website.

    31. Germain Ifedi, OT/G, Texas A&M A- Grade
    If the Seahawks had stayed put and chosen Germain Ifedi at No. 26, I would've given this a solid "B" grade. It's a very logical pick. Ifedi is the sort of athletic player the Seahawks covet. He also fills a big need. Russell Wilson's pass protection was disastrous last season, and it was bound to get even worse with Russell Okung gone. Taking an offensive lineman early was a must.

    This "B" turns into an A- because of the trade. The Seahawks were targeting Ifedi all along at No. 26, so it's outstanding that they were able to move down and still acquire him.

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  • pretty much agree, position of need on a guy that looks pretty solid. Not sure anything about him screens all pro or perennial pro-bowler but he looks like he can play and be dependable and to also add another pic is great. We own the end of round 3, so we are going to have our choice of a lot of great players on top of whomever else happens to fall to us.
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  • Agree with the grade, I think Ifedi has the potential to be great. Not sure if he'll ever get there but he has a high ceiling.
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  • The day 2 trade possibilities are terrific, the team can trade up or trade down and is well placed to do either.

    I think the A- grade (from Prisco) doesn't give enough credit for the trade down and the newly acquired 3rd rd. pick

    At 26 they still needed an OT and as observed were more than likely to draft the same player they drafted @ # 31.
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  • I don't give a crap about what walter has to say.
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  • Walter Up! PFF Down!

    Let's hope they don't muddy the water by liking and disliking the wrong picks on day two! :lol:
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