SEA/CAR Stat Comparisons

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SEA/CAR Stat Comparisons
Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:44 am
  • Im going to incorporate a lot of stats here. They are just numbers. Put as much weight into whatever ones as you like. I would like to say, that its not a perfect world. And since both teams had different schedules, you cant put 100% solace into any of this. With that said,

    SOS: (end of year)
    SEA #12
    CAR #32


    Overall Rank/YPG
    SEA #4 378.6
    CAR #11 366.9

    Pass Off Rank/YPG
    SEA #20th 253.8
    CAR #24th 242.1

    Run Off Rank/YPG
    SEA #3 141.8
    CAR #2 142.6

    Scoring Rank/Pts
    SEA #4 26.4
    CAR #1 31.3

    Passing YPA
    SEA #2 8.3
    CAR #8 7.7

    Rushing YPA
    SEA #7 4.5
    CAR #9 4.3

    Sacked %
    SEA #28 8.6%
    CAR #21 6.2%

    Target Catch %
    SEA #1 70.6%
    CAR #26 60.7%

    Third Down Efficiency
    SEA #4 46.5%
    CAR #7 42.4%


    Overall Rank/YPG
    SEA #2 291.8
    CAR #6 322.9

    Opponent Pass/YPG
    SEA #2 226.2
    CAR #15 253.4

    Opponent Rush/YPG
    SEA #1 81.5
    CAR #4 88.4

    Opponent PPG
    SEA #1 17.3
    CAR #6 19.3

    Opp Pass YPA
    SEA #4 6.6
    CAR #2 6.2

    Opp Rush YPA
    SEA #3 3.6
    CAR #7 3.9

    Sack %
    SEA #14 6.3%
    CAR #14 6.3%

    Opp 3rd Down Effienciency
    SEA #4 34.4%
    CAR #13 37.9%

    Personal Takeaways: With a much harder SOS, we still lead in most categories. That being said, the margin is small for almost all of them. This is by far the best game going into the weekend featuring the 2 best NFC (Probably NFL) teams by rankings.
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Re: SEA/CAR Stat Comparisons
Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:49 am
  • Yep, fantastic matchup..........which should mean a fantastic game.

    IMO the most important matchups are the two O-lines against two D-lines. That's going to decide the winner.

    Both QB's when given time in the pocket have been deadly this year, especially down the field.
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Re: SEA/CAR Stat Comparisons
Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:33 am
  • Carolina has played us closely for years.

    I think the year we went to the SB, that one in Carolina came down to the wire.

    The playoff game against us was pretty close until Kam turned that game around.

    And even the game we lost to them, we lost in the final minute or so - they did not soundly beat us. They had to come from behind with little time remaining in the game and just barely did it.

    Yes we did not have Wags, Lane and we were saddled with Williams. But we also had Graham and he was destroying them. And we had Rawls (and Lynch I think too). This time we have our 4th string RB.

    Big difference.

    A reasonable fan on both sides can see this is a game either team can win. I think deep down that fans on both sides are nervous.
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Re: SEA/CAR Stat Comparisons
Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:40 am

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