Another Mock Draft. Thoughts?

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Another Mock Draft. Thoughts?
Sat Aug 09, 2014 4:20 pm
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    Round 1, Pick 6 (6th Overall)
    Eddie Lacy GB - RB

    Round 2, Pick 7 (19th Overall)
    Julio Jones Atl - WR

    Round 3, Pick 6 (30th Overall)
    Doug Martin TB - RB

    Round 4, Pick 7 (43rd Overall)
    Percy Harvin Sea - WR

    Round 5, Pick 6 (54th Overall)
    DeSean Jackson Was - WR

    Round 6, Pick 7 (67th Overall)
    Nick Foles Phi - QB

    Round 7, Pick 6 (78th Overall)
    Jordan Reed Was - TE

    Round 8, Pick 7 (91st Overall)
    Ray Rice Bal - RB

    Round 9, Pick 6 (102nd Overall)
    Jordan Matthews Phi - WR

    Round 10, Pick 7 (115th Overall)
    Devonta Freeman Atl - RB

    Round 11, Pick 6 (126th Overall)
    Ladarius Green SD - TE

    Round 12, Pick 7 (139th Overall)
    New England NE - DEF

    Round 13, Pick 6 (150th Overall)
    Alex Smith KC - QB

    Round 14, Pick 7 (163rd Overall)
    New Orleans NO - DEF

    Round 15, Pick 6 (174th Overall)
    Shayne Graham NO - K
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Re: Another Mock Draft. Thoughts?
Sat Aug 09, 2014 4:31 pm
  • Solid team. I really like Freeman to surpass Sjax at some point this season and become the starter. I'm not very high on Percy in our offense though. Could be a surprise though. I like it.
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Re: Another Mock Draft. Thoughts?
Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:39 pm
  • Obviously this comes down to drafting styles and what was available, but I don't like it. Not being mean, but I'm a late QB, and 1 TE only guy. Foles and Reed are too high for my taste. I would've skipped Reed and stuck with just Green later on. I like that pick. There's a point on TE where if you don't get 1 of like 6-7 TEs, you might as well wait because the value after that is so similar. I'm also not high on Martin this year. Rainey and Sims were great filling in last year, the Bucs know that, and will be sharing the load to preserve him I think. Also if you're gonna take Rice, I feel like you gotta take Pierce to handcuff him, because if he goes off in the first two games, Rice might be on the bench longer than you think
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Re: Another Mock Draft. Thoughts?
Thu Aug 14, 2014 5:44 pm
  • Not a fan of 2QBs, 2 TEs, 2 Defs. 3 wasted roster spots/high upside picks
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Re: Another Mock Draft. Thoughts?
Mon Aug 18, 2014 7:01 pm
  • Thanks for showing us where you got the players, it helps a lot.

    Eddie Lacy. I like it, but you should factor that Lacy is one of the riskiest 1st rounders this year. If you are going to take Lacy early I would strongly suggest taking two quality, low risk #2 caliber RBs later in the draft.

    Love Julio Jones, but like Lacy he's a big injury risk. Again, this is the kind of pick you have to make up for later by making sure you get at least one starter quality WR for your bench.

    Doug Martin. Hate the pick. New Regime, new offense, they weren't the ones who spent a high pick on Martin so they won't be married to him. Both of Martin's backups looked great last season plus they just drafted a very good RB in Charles Sims. Sims just had a big injury though (out half the season) which is great news for Martin fans. But still, this pick is really high risk, especially since Martin stunk when he did play in 2013.

    I loved Martin as a prospect and drafted him in the 8th round in 2012. (My RBs that year in a 10 man league were career year Foster, career year Lynch and career year Martin). I love the player and benefited from his one big season, but I don't like his current situation and think he's now a "prove it" player for me.

    Teams that win championships almost always hit on early picks so it's probably not a good idea to go high risk on your first three picks. If both Lacy and Martin get hurt or flop your team is pretty much done.

    Percy Harvin. Again, this is a risky pick that could easily flop. Not only because of injury risk, but because Seattle has never had a non-RB weapon get over 70 total touches in the PC era. I think Harvin could break that mold this season and get to 100-120 this year if healthy, but there are a lot of ifs. I would like this pick a lot more as a #3 WR and if Julio Jones didn't have the chronic foot injury worries.

    DeSean Jackson. Washington is going to be so weird on offense this year. But they might be really good. New offense, new OC, new QB (for Jackson). Djax has been all over the map in fantasy throughout his career. This is another risky pick.

    But, it's a pretty good value by ADP. It would be nice if you balanced risk with insurance players, but Jackson is a good value here.

    Nick Foles. Another high risk player. Plays NFC West this year, and the league now has tape on him. Very obvious recipe for sophomore slump. Most fantasy podcasts I've heard urge listeners to avoid Foles because the prospect of a sophomore slump is so obvious. The simple regression of his interception numbers don't help his case either.

    But, if he doesn't slump and continues to play like last year, he's basically Aaron Rodgers with fewer pass attempts.

    Jordan Reed. Probably your best pick so far. My only nitpick would be the unknown of how Gruden will impact RG3 and the pass offense. Change might not be a good thing when you are Jordan Reed.

    Ray Rice. I'm a believer that you take few risks with starters and take more risks with bench players. Ray Rice is a risk I like. The Ravens run blocking last year was historically bad and has looked much better in the 2014 preseason so far. There isn't much danger of Rice losing his job. I don't think he'll be the Ray Rice of old but he has a very good chance to bounce back this year. I like this pick. Though as Manbunts said above, if you take Rice in the eight, make sure you walk out with Pierce too just to be safe.

    Jordan Matthews. I know he just had that 100 yard game in the preseason, but so what? He'll be the 3rd WR for Philly at best, and a rookie. A 600 yard, 3 TD season would be more than I'm expecting. I almost never draft a rookie WR just on principle, though I might make an exception for Mike Evans who will be starting and is the kind of big WR McCown has success with.

    Devonta Freeman. Great pick. There's probably a 50/50 chance he's the starter at some point this season given Jackson's age and chance for injury.

    Ladarius Green. I like Green, but he's still behind Gates on the depth chart. It's not like your current starting TE (Reed) sucks either, so you could probably manage just fine with a 1 TE roster.

    New England DEF. Great pick. If Browner pans out, he will create fantasy points for them. Especially with Tannehill, Smith, and Manuel playing QB in the division.

    Alex Smith. Smith is under-rated in fantasy, he basically had as much fantasy value last season as Russell Wilson. I said before that Foles is risky, but only in the sense that he's a risk not to justify a high pick. I think Foles floor will probably be higher than Smith's ceiling in fantasy. I would just go 1 QB. If you need a QB later, you can always get a QB like Smith on the waiver wire.

    New Orleans DEF. You are probably better off going with an extra WR/RB than a 2nd defense, but it barely matters. I was not impressed with the Saints D last year when I watched them. Felt like smoke and mirrors.

    Shayne Graham. I had Graham last year and he was pretty good to me. But FWIW, he's only ranked as the 15th best fantasy kicker by yahoo. Of course, you will probably change kickers throughout the year so no big deal. I like the thought process. Great offense plus indoor home games.

    Overall, I think your draft will probably blow up in your face with even a little bad luck, but the upside is decent. I would have loved your first two picks way more if you had backed them up with safer WR/RB in rounds 3-8.

    If your fantasy draft were an actual NFL team they'd be the Falcons. If everything breaks right, look out! 13-3. But even just the slightest bit of adversity and this team could go to the shitter in a hurry.
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Re: Another Mock Draft. Thoughts?
Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:11 am
  • I agree Kearly, that was just the value that fell to me in this mock.

    I liked my most recent mock much better as I ended up with Lynch, DeMarco Murray, Luck, VJax, Harvin and TY Hilton. But that was a super lucky mock picking 8th.
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Re: Another Mock Draft. Thoughts?
Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:32 pm
  • SacHawk2.0 wrote:I liked my most recent mock much better as I ended up with Lynch, DeMarco Murray, Luck, VJax, Harvin and TY Hilton. But that was a super lucky mock picking 8th.

    That's a pretty solid start for sure.
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