Deep league strategy

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Deep league strategy
Wed Aug 06, 2014 10:23 am
  • So I was wondering about some of your guys' thoughts on playing in deep leagues (my case 14 team, 16 players per team). What do you do once you've picked out your starters? Do you aim for decent backup RB's hoping the starter gets injured (Knile Davis, Cmike, Chris Polk, etc.). Do you aim for breakout younger guys (Deandre Hopkins, Terrence Williams, Kenny Stills, etc.). How about for "sleeper" types (Zac Stacy last year was actually drafted in my league then dropped then I grabbed him when he became the starter). I'm trying to think of what kind of bench setup I'm going to be aiming for. I get 6 bench guys and I'm going to grab a QB2 for sure because everyone else grabs 2 QB's and I'll be left with Geno Smith for my bye week QB if not.
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Re: Deep league strategy
Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:32 pm
  • How many starters? Not that it matters I guess, that's a super deep league. I think after your starters you start handcuffing and gambling. I'd probably go for some of the following:

    Terrance West on the Browns in case Tate goes down
    Randle/Dunbar (it'll probably be Randle as the #2, but check) on the Cowboys for Murray
    White on the Pats just because Belichik is unpredictable and supposedly likes him
    Devonta Freeman for Steven Jackson
    Starks for Lacy
    Andre Williams
    DMC (Depends on your league, in mine nobody touched him with a 10' pole so I consider him a handcuff)

    Marvin Jones (just hold him and wait for the foot to heal)
    Harry Douglas
    Brian Hartline
    Reuben Randle
    Josh Gordon (depends when your draft is, but if the verdict isn't out, it wouldn't hurt)
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