New Console Reports?

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New Console Reports?
Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:29 pm
  • Anybody else on here pick up a new PS4 or XBOX1?

    I did get a PS4, and Since I'm not really into military 1st person shooters, I picked up Assassins creed 4, and the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game for playing with the Kiddos (smirk).

    One thing that's very reassuring is that my console so far has worked flawlessly. no freezes or shut downs or anything at all wierd. So far so good! As for the games, I really like both games, and I'm astounded at how large in scope both of them are.

    My favorite is obviously AC4, The gameplay and Graphics are amazing, I'm a big fan of the tropics, and the landscapes in this game are very cool, they do a great job of reproducing the White sands and blue water of the caribbean. I'm only about 20% through it but i can't wait to play every chance I can!

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