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  • I tied for the league lead in points this week. I lost the game because we each have a tiebreaker that can be any non-starter on the roster. His (Stafford 14 points) outscored mine (Pryor 6 points).

    I ended up tied because of the following combination of things:

    Adam Vinatieri (me) goes scoreless when the Colts decide to go for two down 38-0.
    A.J. Green (him) scores on a 51 yard hail mary on the last play of regulation.
    Mike James (me) gets hurt on the 1/2 yard line on the first series of the game.

    And if any of these things happen I win:

    Brandon Marshall (me) gets one more receiving yard.
    Knowshon Moreno (him) gets one less rushing yard.
    Robert Griffin III (him) gets two less passing yards.

    And top it off, the other owner fully intended to start Stafford (14 points) but forgot to take Griffin (20 points) out of the starting lineup before kickoff on Thursday night.

    Just friggen brutal.
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  • I tied in my $500 league because Glennon threw a stupid INT (he had Dolphins D), and Lamar Miller couldn't do a damn thing. I just needed one more carry. Luckily I won the tie-breaker
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  • I lost by 1 point this week. Had Denarius Moore as my third WR and he scored more than Welker, Allen and Tim Wright (at TE) which shows you what a bad week those guys had.

    If that Bennett "sack" against Ryan was given instead of UR call I win.
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  • Leading my League and was beating my opponent heading into SNF. He had Saints Pierre Thomas, I had Sean Lee, Jimmy Graham and Cowboys Murray. Lost by 3 because Dallas defense is a POS and the Saints are damn mercenaries. Hee hee ... CRAP!
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  • I'm #1 in my league and last week I was losing by 1.9 points when Tannehill threw that INT on Monday Night that gave me the .1 win!!!
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  • A guy in my league didn't set his lineup at all 2 weeks ago before the AM games started. His starting lineup was awful, something like 7 of his players were either injured or on a bye. He raids the waiver wire and Keenum, Baldwin, Zach miller, Turbin a kicker and a D and ends up winning. It would suck to be that other guy who lost to him.
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  • Hahah. This is nothing. I lost in Week 6 because my team scored 80 points whereas I left 96 points on the bench.
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  • Last year, the week that the Seahawks played the Packers on Monday night I lost by 0.01 points.

    I blame the refs. I had the Seahawks Defense, and if they hadn't called that BS pass interference on Kam Chancellor that kept their only TD drive alive I would have won.
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  • I got a doozy over at fantasy island if anyone cares to comment

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