Mean twets to Ray Rice regarding Fantasy Football.

For all of our NFL Fantasy and gaming enthusiasts. LANGUAGE RATING: PG

  • I did kinda chuckle at some of those a little, while its kinda crappy that people would post that kinda crap he should have a thicker skin and ignore and not publicly acknowledge it like that because he probably just made it 10x worse.

    Acknowledge the good fans.
    The LOLs of the many outweigh the shame of the few
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  • Yeah nothing really unusual here, just plenty of aholes out there who don't think before they type and are probably drunk. Some people take fantasy football way too seriously. Why would you respond though? Dumb...

    It is kind of ironic though, Ray has been very solid over the years and a great player. It's a what have you done for me lately mentality unfortunately. Also FFS he got hurt, these things happen.

    Tools will be tools.
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