Any fantasy picks you didn't make that you already regret?

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  • I mentioned LeSean McCoy in the other thread. I passed on him with both my leagues and I now think that it will probably cost me a points championship.

    I'd also add Anquan Boldin to that list. He was available decently late, I knew that Kaepernick's numbers would go up this year, I knew that he's primarily a 1st read QB, and I knew that Boldin would be his first read on most plays. Stupid me. I don't think Boldin is going to finish with 3200 yards receiving, but he'll probably finish with 1300-1500 and 10+ TDs and I should have seen it coming a mile away.

    On that same note, Vernon Davis. I think he'll have a career year this season now that he's paired with a QB for 16 games who will actually throw deep.

    Victor Cruz is another guy I could have grabbed as a #3 WR and didn't. The Giants are abysmal at RB. Cruz could be their entire offense.
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  • Definitely Shady McCoy...took Marshawn, CJ and Ray Rice over him. Passed on Jared Cook in several leagues
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  • Julius Thomas and Jordan Cameron.

    I picked Tom Brady over Matt Ryan because I didn't see Ryan on the board.
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  • Sarlacc83 wrote:I picked Tom Brady over Matt Ryan because I didn't see Ryan on the board.


    Julius Thomas went undrafted in my league. I could have put in a waiver claim for him, but decided to wait and see. Oops. I'm pretty good at TE, so I don't mind much, but Manning is good for 50+ TDs this year and Thomas will get a lot of them.
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  • I got offered McCoy in a trade but turned it down. Kicking myself now.
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  • I wanted McCoy but the website had a glitch and I ended up with Rice.
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  • I managed to land Cruz and Davis for the exact reasons you gave. Mendenhall has been pretty good for me too and Fitz looked like he was back until this latest injury.

    I debated Julius Thomas but I had Finely, Davis, and Cook who were all awesome week one but I did swap Finely for Thomas as Manning has an easier schedule and looks very good this season.

    I should of went after McCoy as well, should of avoided Brady, without Gronk and Welker in Denver, he is hopeless.
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