Mare even loses the game for the seahawks in madden..

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  • 2 seconds left i was down 34-35 to my friend, I kick a 40 yarder with Mare, perfect power and accuracy and it hits the upright. Screw you Olindo.
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  • Haha that sucks man.
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  • Well in my franchise game I did the same thing with him......I was pretty mad even though it didn't have a say in the outcome of the game, 56-10 HAWKS!
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  • LOL, now that's funny. :)
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  • wow. dietrich is still around.
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  • How about kicking the game winning 30yd FG as time expired to win 15-14.. Only to be called for holding FG doesn't coun't and you don't get to re-kick... ugh..
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