Who has drafted RW in their FF league?

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Who has drafted Russell Wilson in their FF league

Poll ended at Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:41 am

Yes I have him drafted
No I don't have him drafted
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Re: Who has drafted RW in their FF league?
Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:17 am
  • Seahwkgal wrote:I picked him and Turbin off waivers...Just in case. My starting QB is Aaron Rogers.

    Start RW...stat!
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Re: Who has drafted RW in their FF league?
Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:38 am
  • Picked him up off FA after the Denver game but before he was announced starter. He's my backup to Rodgers so we'll see if he sees playing time other than in week 10 which is GB's bye.
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  • Late round pick to backup Brees.
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  • I was going to see if I could get him in the later rounds in my 12 team draft last night, but amazingly Trauma picked him up in the first round (and then proceeded to pick Doug Baldwin in the 3rd).
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  • He's backing up Cutler in one league, and is my 3rd QB behind Romo, Cutler in the other.

    I really really wanna just trade all my other QBs. And start Russell every game.
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  • He is my backup for Peyton Manning.

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  • I've got a waiver claim in for him right now post draft. I missed the draft, looking at bringing him on at the expense of some of my Defensive IDP slots until he gets a game under his belt then I can decide who to keep in a 2-starting QB 6 team league. Got Schaub and Peyton, RG3 and a claim in for RW. We'll see how things shake out.
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  • My team name is Russellmania. I took RW with my 3rd to last pick. I went RB/WR/RB (Foster/Fitzgerald/Lynch) early and got Tony Romo in the 4th as my QB starter. Pretty much plan on "platooning" Wilson and Romo each week depending on the pass defenses they face.

    I think Wilson, Luck, and RG3 will all be solid fantasy options this year, kind of like poor men's Cam Newtons. I don't expect Wilson to throw for a ton of yards, but I expect him to be consistent and I expect him to run a very good TD/INT ratio. Wilson also faces the best schedule in the NFL for scoring fantasy points in the passing game. For games like Green Bay and New England, he's a must start.
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  • I picked him up in the late rounds as my back up to Brees. (Our league uses "Team QB") I've also got Rice as one of my receivers. I always like to have at least one receiver on the same team as my QB. I also have Hauschka as my kicker.
    I usually come out of our 12 team draft thinking my team sucks and have to do a lot of waiver pick ups during the season.... This year I'm pretty happy with my team.

    Team name??? This year it's "Show Me Your TDs"
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