Judge this line up.

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Judge this line up.
Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:07 am
  • OK, my first week....
    PPR, IDP's(no team D), defensive players get 2 pts per tackle and/or 4 pts per tackle for a loss. 5 pts for Int and Sacks.
    QB-Rivers, WR-V.Jackson, WR-S.Holmes, WR/RB-P. Harvin, RB-M.Forte(Barber is not playing this week), RB-R.Mendenhall, WR/TE-M.Manninigham
    LB's-D. Hawthorne, P.Poslunsny, C.Greenway, D.Johnson
    DB's-E.Berry, T.Branch

    RB's R. Grant, B.Tate, D.Ward, M.Hardesty
    WR's J.Ford, BMW, E. Royal, Antonion Brown
    QB's S. Bradford, D. McNabb.

    I feel I have an OK team for a 10 team league.
    Thoughts on this lineup?
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