My thinking before the my fantasy draft Wed..

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  • Avoid ALL Seattle offensive players! LOL. I know it sounds negative, but you have think with your head and my head says we are going to suck offensively. Now, defensively, since my league drafts IDP's(no team D). I see great value with some Seattle defenders..Hawthorne, Thomas, and even Hill are on my radar.
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  • Seattle defenders are a good bet since they'll be able to rack up lots of tackles.
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  • I picked up Sidney Rice in my fantasy draft in the 10th round. Worked for me.
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  • I grabbed David Hawthorne. Works for me. No offensive players though..
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  • I'm a complete homer and picked up T. Jackon (tough cautiously as a back up right now) Sidney Rice, Zack Miller, M. Lynch and Earl Thomas in all my 5 leagues I'm participating in. Some leagues I also have Seahawks D and Big Red
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  • I don't have a single Hawk on my team. I'm kind of embarresed to say that. Rice and Lynch were drafted too high.

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