Trying to bring attention to Kelly Jennings age in madden

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  • As im sure you all know Kelly Jenning is listed as having the birthday of 11/30/1980 (he was born in 82) in madden 10 (and every madden game since he came into the league). I started a thread here: trying to bring attention to the issue. If everyone could back me up on this that would be awesome.
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  • They still have Burleson signed to a 7 yr/$49 million contract...
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  • Redding is also signed to a huge deal.

    Jesus EA, would it kill you to have 1 hardcore fan from each team look over the roster? Any halfway decent Hawks fan could tell you that Jennings isn't as old as you think he is every year, that Burleson changed his contract years ago, that Redding changed his contract almost immediately after coming here, and that Mebane is better than Cole.

    Absolutely negligent. It wouldn't take much to fix it, just more than EA will do.
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  • yea they kiss donny moores ass so much, that guy doesnt know shit...
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  • Wheres pastapadre? He worked with Madden in some capacity and posted on the forums, I'm sure if he was around he could do something about this.
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  • Why would anyone even care if K Jennings is older than he is on Madden? Really? What's the big deal.
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  • It makes a big difference in everything that age matters with, Retiring, progressing + regressing, injuries. I plan on using Jennings on my team until he retires because he is such a solid player in the game...him being 2 years older is devastating to that plan.
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