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  • The day I got my copy of madden 10 when I started playing in franchise mode I made three major changes.

    1. picked up edgerrin james in FA and put him in as the #1 back
    2. made wallace the starting QB
    3. made deon butler the #1 WR, with burleson #2 and housh in the slot. sorry branch nate is better after he catches the ball.

    the changes were all based on the numbers. I wanted some speed down the sidelines, two tough guys working the middle (housh and carlson), and a mobile QB with a strong arm to heave the deep ball. according to the game, edge was a better option at RB than what we had.

    the hawks have picked up edge. coincidence that in madden he was listed as the best FA RB out there and better than what we had? wonder if sometime during the season the other two guys end up moving up the depth chart.

    opinions how close of an approxamation to reailty madden ratings are?
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  • I use Deon Butler in the Slot, and in 10 games he already has over 1000 yards receiving and 10 TDs. One game he broke the single game record for catches with 22, he had 296 yards and 3 TDs. I love that kid.
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